Monday, August 17, 2015

Halloween has hit HomeGoods 2015

Halloween has arrived at our 
neighborhood HomeGoods!!!
  Lots of signs this year.
 Black and silver, always popular.

 I liked the bat garland.
 Cute skeleton candy holder!
Sort of reminds me of something in 

 Spooky tree!

 Large skull and snow globes

 Creepy silhouettes on panes of glass. 
 Cool metal skeletons.
Frankenstein candy holder.
 More snow globes.

 Coven of witches

 Cool candle holder!

 They even had a bunch of fall offerings!
I liked a lot of stuff but 
didn't buy anything...yet!
Thanks for stopping by
and happy haunting!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Putting Together a New BBQ Grill

With our old grill rusting away and 
no longer producing a flame
Sam and I decided it was time for a new one.
After an extensive price, model, and 
feature comparison search.
We finally decided on the 
Walmart "Backyard Grill" brand.
It was a great price at $198.00!
We wanted to try a combo grill for the occasional  
times we prefer to taste the special flavor  
charcoal adds to meat and for the times 
we might be out of propane.
Set up was easy with a simple, easy to follow, 
step by step instruction book.
\Cher was out and ready to lend a paw.
"Is this going to take long?"
Step one, unpack and layout all the pieces.
Elvis pops out to investigate
"Doohickey, check!"
"Wheels, check and check!"
"Looks like it's all here!"
"Let's get started!"
"Oh, Mr. Nosy has to take a look, too."

"Mmmm...Umm hmm...yup..."

"Everything seems to be in order"
With K9 approval, I begin the assemblage.

Elvis heads for some shade.

"You're not done yet?  
Why is this taking soooo long?"

"There's a piece over here, Dad!"
"The plans call for this piece!" 

"You're definitely going to 
need this piece!"
"When are we going to be 
eating cheeseburgers?"

This is the mechanism that raises the 
charcoal tray up and down.
By turning the handle.

These are the gas burner tubes.

Handy-dandy hanging knobs and bottle cap opener.

"I certainly don't smell any 
hamburger cooking yet!"

Overall a pretty simple build.

Now I've got to get to cooking,
 before somebody bites my leg.
Thanks for stopping by and happy grilling!

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