Friday, April 22, 2022

A New Pooch & Easter 2022

The newest member of our family
named after singer Lena Horne
Our dog Cher passed away in February 
and we couldn't stand the emptiness.
Sam went to the SPCA on a day off
in March and came home with Lena!!

All I got was one text at work from her.
"What do you think of this one?"
I texted back "I love it"

She's a little sweetheart,
and she brings back a 
tremendous amount of life 
to our house! 

A little Easter decorating
and a visit from the Bunny!

I got a hippo Tiki mug from the bunny
The grandkids got some baskets 
filled with goodies,

and an egg hunt!

Sam and I went to South Point that evening
for our Easter dinner!

Thanks for hopping by!
Hope everyone had a 
happy and safe Easter!

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

The Halls Are Decked Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas 2021!
The halls are decked and ready for Christmas.
There are a few new things on the table this year.
My mother surprised me with a set
of red "Margatini" glasses from QVC. 
She said they would also make 
excellent dessert dishes.
They come in a set of 6
I scored these "Santa Belt Napkin Rings" 
 this year from eBay for $26.99
I saw them at Pottery Barn back in 2013
and wanted them ever since.
Santa Belt Napkin Rings From Pottery Barn, Christmas 2013
The hutch-buffet looks pretty much the same.
Over on the green cabinet
We find a ginger bread house.
It's a 10'' illuminated 
Gingerbread House by Valerie
Mom sent it to me from QVC.
Cher thinks everything looks delicious, 
she's just too short to reach
Sam gave me this Mackenzie-Childs 
"Candy Cottage Cupcake Box"
It's going on the hutch!
I just love the little candy cane 
and gingerbread man.
She got it online at Neiman Marcus 
with free shipping!

During the pandemic I went crazy 
collecting old Marklin Maxi 
all tin G scale trains on eBay.
This year I displayed my 
red Central Pacific 
one under the Christmas tree.
Never a big hit with collectors.
Marklin started producing Maxi to compete
with LGB as a children's hobbie. 
They even run on LGB track.
Maxi went out of production in 2007 when
Marklin bought LGB in a bankruptcy sale.
Each car was a separate bid 
at different times throughout the year.
I really like the trains, they are well made
and all tin, which sort of gives it a 
vintage look.
Thanks for stopping by
and Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Thanksgiving 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!
The decorations are out and ready for the day!
Pretty much the same look as last year.

However, Sam did surprise me 
with new pheasant napkin rings! 
They're from Williams Sonoma
They match the pheasant centerpiece
and the pheasant candle holders also from 
Williams Sonoma.
I picked up these amber hobnail glasses 
From Dillard's this year 
From their Southern Living 
Festive Fall Collection.

Cher says "What's with all the fuss?"

 Thanks for stopping by

and have a great holiday!

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

On Halloween, Oh, mercy me!

A vintage poem with a new illustration by me!
I also changed "witches" to "werewolves"

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Halloween!


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