Friday, July 5, 2024

A Toucan in a Boater Hat

As soon as I saw this little fellow on Ebay, I pressed,
"BUY IT NOW" lightning fast.
I figured, better to ask forgiveness than permission.
eBay image
When Sam saw it, she understood why I snapped it up.
 She knows I have a deep love of the Enchanted 
Tiki Room at Disneyland.
Plus at $19.95 it wasn't a bad price.
the $12.00 shipping and 
$1.67 tax did drive up the total a bit.

What's strange is, I can't find out anything 
about this little chapeaued bird, it was listed on ebay
as the famous Guinness Beer toucan.
eBay image

I knew it wasn't from Guinness, But that
didn't matter, I liked it too much for its 
Tiki Room Appeal to pass it up.

No markings on the bottom!
eBay Image
The Guinness toucan always
has a certain shape and style to it and
almost always has a glass of Guinness Beer
on its beak.

Some time ago (2001?) a series of Royal Dalton 
Guinness toucan figurines
where released in different costumes.
Here's a close up of the boater hatted toucan 
that I feel mine was mistaken for.
Ebay image
Similar look but definitely a completely
different bird.  
A Google image search has uncovered
another series of 1980's toucan items
from Quon Quon Japan Ceramics.

This rotating music box is so similar I thought 
my search was over till a click revealed it was
  sans hat, plus, mine has more expressive eyes.
Could mine be a piece of a music box?
Quon Quon toucan music box

Quon Quon toucan S&P Shaker
Quon Quon toucan mug
Quon Quon toucan book ends
Quon Quon toucan ash tray
Quon Quon toucan pitcher

The beak color is so similar I can see why
Google thinks it is the same bird.
As soon as he arrived, he became my small barker bird
on my tiki mug shelf over my back door 
in our Enchanted Tiki BED Room
He's in good company up there.
I've got a small tropical vignette with a 
Raymond Waites "Safari" Monkey Pitcher,
next to Bombay Company Blue and White porcelain pieces. 
Here's the Orange Bird!  He's a vintage bank.
At the other side of the shelf, 
we find a Fitz & Floyd toucan with a few Disney tiki mugs.
On the wall shelf across the room,
we find another toucan form Lenox
and a Raymond Waites "Empire" plate.
Over the armoire I have a print of 
"Red Breasted Toucans" by John Gould 
and a Disneyland 50th Anniversary Juan the Barker Bird
replica by Kevin Kidney & Jody Daily!
By the door, we find the Dale Tiffany "Three Parrots" 
Toucan stained glass lamp.
Needles to say, we love toucans
and I like animals wearing boater hats.
I just wish I knew anything 
about my new toucan.
If you know, feel free to leave a comment.
Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting!

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