Monday, November 5, 2018

Turkey Plate 2018

Sam and I found this year's turkey plate...
 It's from Williams Sonoma and called 
"Harvest Pumpkin Turkey Salad Plate"
The best part, we got it on sale for $11.17
down from $15.95.
It's one plate from a large line 
of "Harvest Pumpkin" dinnerware.
It is really a gorgeous collection.  
I told Sam we should have waited and made this
our Thanksgiving dinnerware.
But I say that every year. 

We also saw this next plate at Pottery Barn
but they were sold out of everything turkey.
It's called the "Botanical Harvest Turkey 
Salad Plate".
They only had one set of four assorted bird
plates left.  No single turkey plates available.
Oh well, maybe next year.
Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Quoth The Raven "Well Hello There!"

Some time ago I acquired a conspiracy 
of these beautiful raven statues from 
the "Victorian Trading Company"
They are now discontinued,
I am glad I got them before 
they faded away. 
This year I decided to nestle them
into the country vignette going on
atop the kitchen cabinets.
They bring just a little foreboding to the
Halloween atmosphere in the kitchen. 

They even startled my 4 year old grandson
when he saw them for the first time.
I told him to keep an eye on those pesky ravens,
they may try to swoop down and snip off his nose!
Boy did his eyes get big!
Thanks for stopping by and
happy haunting.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Target Halloween Find

Look at this nifty bat platter
I found at Target.
It's large, a whole 17''wide, from their 
Hyde and Eek! Boutique collection.
And at only $10, it's a pretty nifty price too!
I plan to hang it on a wall during Halloween.
I've always been a little short on bats
so this will be a nice addition.
I want this "Black Cat Candy Bowl" too
from the same collection.
Also only $10!
But Sam asked where I would put it 
and I couldn't answer. I have a ton of
candy bowls in the Ozark collection
and no place to put another one.
Target has a lot of great things 
this year for Halloween!
Some really great animatronics too. 
 The sad thing is, at least in my experience, 
they seem to wear out so fast and
may not even work next year. 
So I tend to shy away from things 
that move with tiny plastic motors.
You however, may have better 
luck then me.

Update: 10/11/2013
Here's my bat on the wall. 
I think it looks FANGtastic!
 I had to find an extra large 
plate hanger with rubber tips
and bend it a bit to get it a good hold 
on such a large platter.
 I also had to change the
nail on the wall to a picture hook,
but the results were worth the trouble!
I'm EEK-xtremely happy!

Thanks for stopping by
and Happy Haunting!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Halloween sneaking into HomeGoods 2018

Sam and I took a stroll through HomeGoods 
last weekend and I was excited to see that
Halloween was starting to fill the shelves.

Lots of carved wood pieces.

 Halloween snow globes are a big staple here every year.

 Beautiful fall wreathes and lots of skulls.

Love these owls!

 Not much if any glitter this year!
Awesome witch in a autopumpkin!

Some white fall items lend a little class to the place!
Shaping up to be a great Halloween season!
Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Painting The Dutch Door

It just occurred to me that I never posted my 
coverage of the painting of the Dutch door. 
So, I'll post it now...

After a few weeks of living with the white,
 unpainted Dutch door, which Sam was starting 
to like, so I had to act fast to get it painted.
We had a lot of back and forth discussions
on the color choice.
I used my Photoshop skills to offer some ideas.
Not to mention, our HOA also suggests 
we "try" to match our original color.
We finally chose Behr's "Aqua Fresco" from 
The Home Depot. 
Which was brighter and slightly more 
blue then the original color.
Next we had to schedule a painter.
Enter Miguel the painter.
My coworker Tina's boyfriend's colleague. 
He started by painting the inside of the door 
a crisp bright white.
We actually had him paint all 
the interior doors that day.
Hence the missing door knob on the closet door.
He was very fast and neat.
Really knew his business.
Then he started painting the exterior.

Some brush work but he mainly 

used little sponge rollers. 
The Dutch door really started to come to life with
its cheery new coat of paint.

While the Dutch door dried,
 he painted the casing and frame.
All done and lookin' sharp!
We love the color, as do many neighbors.
Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Baaaah, It's Easter time!

It's almost Easter again and 
I've been busy decking out the house
for the season!
Do you notice anything new
on the dry goods pantry? 
 Let's go in for a closer look.
 Presenting the new, but very old, 
lamb head cookie jar! 
 So whimsical and fun,
 I think he's just adorable!
 I won him on Ebay!
I've been wanting to add a lamb to the 
Ozark Easter collection for some time, 
I just couldn't find a design that appealed to me.
That is, until I spotted this cookie jar!
 With his pastel colors, a super sweet face,
 a smart bow tie, and that little straw hat, 
I just knew he'd fit right in.
This was one of the few listed that included 
his lamb crier noise box still in place, 
tucked inside his hat.  
Unfortunately time has taken its toll
and dry rot has claimed the inner bladder
so it doesn't make any noise.

I found very little info about this jar online.
However, I do know it was created by 
Metlox Pottery under their "PoppyTrail" line.
Maybe sometime in the 60's or 70's. 
 My jar's label is still attached to the 
shirt collar, the embossing is there 
but the black ink has faded away.
 Here's a pic of a pristine "PoppyTrial" label.
Metlox Pottery got its start in 1927
in Manhattan Beach, California 
Next to the Santa Fe Railroad track
for easy shipping.
The name Metlox is a combination of 
Metal and Oxide, which refers 
to the pigments used in their glazes.
They started producing brightly 
colored dinnerware in 1932.
Introduced in 1934, "PoppyTrail,"
 named after Evelyn White's
book on California wildflowers,
"California Poppy Trails,"
became one of the company's most
popular and enduring product lines,
its pieces still sought by collectors.

In 1946 Metlox hired Bob Allen 
and Mel Shaw as art directors.
Both Allen and Shaw worked as 
animators for Harman-Ising Productions,
and Shaw had also worked for
Walt Disney Studios.
Mel Shaw
The two had formed a design partnership
that included toy design, architecture,
and ceramic design.
Under the leadership of this artistic duo,
Metlox began to introduce some
wonderfully creative shapes, and uninhibited
and imaginative patterns in the 50's and 60's
I must admit, I can definitely see a 
cartoonist's influence in the
design of this little lamb cookie jar.
He already looks right at home 
with the other whimsical Easter treasures.
Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting!

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