Friday, April 14, 2017

Bunny Glasses

Look what we found at HomeGoods this
season for our pastel Easter tablescape!
 Bunny glasses!
 In blue,
and pink.  
And upon further inspection of my photo,
 apparently made in China!
I never noticed that sticker before.
They're right at home with all the other bunnies
on the table.
I love that the glasses have an early American
patterned glass (or E.A.P.G.) look to them.
It gives them an old world charm.
I hope everyone has a great Easter!
Thanks for stopping by
and happy hopping!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Here Comes Easter

It's Easter time again and the Ozark Easter
hutch is all decked out for the season!
 This sweet little chick with a wheelbarrow
was added last year.
He is quite dapper in his straw 
boater hat and bow tie. 
That polka dotted 
wheelbarrow is all the rage.
 He's actually an Easter salt and 
pepper shaker set from Dept. 56.  
 I think he might be styled after one of those 
slightly creepy Victorian Easter greeting cards.
Or possibly chicks are just dressing more 
dapper nowadays!?!
Over to the left is another new addition.
 It's a carrot serving bowl.
 Just the thing for hungry Easter bunnies!
I found it on a few years back
and purchased it 
during a clearance sale!
 Moving down to the second self...
 we find the "Hoppy Spring" salt and pepper set. 
The bunny is in disguise wearing a beak and 
the duckling is wearing bunny ears.
I've shown them before
They were designed by Barb Tourtillotte,
the artist behind "Dipped Chicks",
I blogged about her here in 2011.

On the buffet we find a similar sight...
a baby duckling also in disguise 
dressed as a bunny.
This little guy is from Anna Lee,
 I knew I had to have it at first sight.
After all, he fits right in with the 
"Hoppy Spring" table runner.
Plus, it's just not a holiday without
a little Anna Lee.
How about this new cookie jar 
I acquired last year?
I assume, another Victorian greeting 
card inspired piece.
A chick with an egg shell 
basket on its back 
full of Easter flowers.
A fine collectible
 from Kaldun & Bogle.
Their Chick Silhouette Cookie Jar.
They're known for adding lots 
of intricate details to their creations.
A little too small and slender 
to use as a cookie jar.  
But as a decoration, it's just splendid.
As we journey into the living room,
we find a small vignette of an 
Easter bunny chocolatier inspecting 
chocolate confections.
The round patchwork tablecloth is 
new this season from the Pioneer Woman 
line at Walmart for $14.96.
The big white bunny is new 
from HomeGoods.
I wasn't sure what I was going to do 
with him when I saw himbut 
I knew I just had to have him.
I think he found a perfect job. 
Making chocolate bunnies 
and chicks.
I found these faux chocolate molds,
they're just silver painted resin,
this year at Michael's.
When I saw those, this vignette 
started composing in my mind.
Sam found these beautiful candle 
sticks at Tuesday Morning. 
With the pastel colors and 
the whimsical design they 
instantly reminded her of Easter.
I think they are a brilliant addition!

I hope everyone is having 
a wonderful Spring
and is ready for Easter.
It seems to sneak up 
so fast every year!
Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Little Light Safari

Earlier this year, Sam and I decided it was time 
we updated our old "en-suite" bathroom light fixture.
It was an eight bulb dressing room light bar,
and we wanted something with a bit more style.
Eight 60 watt bulbs, certainly produce a lot of light.
So we searched for another light that had close to 
8 was very difficult. 
At Lamps Plus we found this 6 bulb fixture
from the "Lighting on the Square" Collection
by Possini Euro Design. 
It had an interesting modern look to it.
Unfortunately each bulb could only be
40 watts.  But the saleswoman convinced us
we could get brighter LED bulbs that are lower
wattage. They just had to be small enough
to fit inside the small white glass boxes.
Each bulb was an additional $9.
After getting it home I figured a few twists 
with a screwdriver would have it installed
in minutes. Until I removed 
the existing fixture...
As you can see, there is no electrical box.
Nothing to support the new fixture.
Just an eight inch long gash in the drywall.
and two large screw holes.
Luckily, my coworker, Tina, has a construction 
worker as a boyfriend who said 
he would be happy to install the light.
Now however, Sam and I thought, 
"If we're going professional, let's see
 if he wouldn't mind installing a smaller 
light fixture over each sink instead, then we
can return the first fixture and all the bulbs." 
He didn't mind...
He split the wires, installed two electrical 
boxes, patched the drywall, 
applied the orange peel texture, 
painted, then installed the new/new fixtures!
We also found them at Lamps Plus.
They have a marble bronze finish with 
distressed umber etched square glass shades 
by Kichler.
We are much happier with the style too,
and the fact that they take regular old
100 watt bulbs. 
such a unique design,
they almost look like they could be torches.
 They blend in nicely with our 
African safari theme.

Now with six 100 watt bulbs,
we have even more light 
than we had before!
And how cool is that?
Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting!
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