Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ahoy Matey! What's Cookin' ?

That's what's cookin'!
 Doesn't that look delicious?
 And here's the chef to serve you personally. 
He knows his lobster is the best in town.
 Actually, this is the 
"What's Cookin' " cookie jar 
from Clay Art.
He joined the Ozark collection
 last year from Ebay.
I was instantly inspired to transform the
kitchen into a summer seaside village. 
It morphed into sort of a Nantucket theme.
Although, I have a feeling he was 
intended to be more of a New Orleans 
themed cookie jar.  
It's a bit muddled, but I like the result.
HomeGoods came in handy around June,
when all their nautical gewgaws and 
gimcracks arrived.
a wooden seagull & plastic whale.
 The stained glass chicken light was replaced 
with a stained glass lighthouse light from Ebay.
This melamine "Harbour View" tray 
by Paul Brent encapsulates the perfect 
setting I'm trying to convey.  
A weathered All You Can Eat! 
Lobster sign was a perfect
 discovery from HomeGoods.
Sam found this distressed plate shelf 
at Hobby Lobby, simply to showcase the 
salad plates I found at West Elm this year.
They are the summer sea life edition 
of their "Dapper Animals" line 
designed by Artist Rachel Kozlowski.
I just love the whimsy. 
I mean who wouldn't love 
a Shark in a bikini?
But Mr. Lobster really caught my eye.
Sam doesn't share my love of the plates
but she puts up with my "vision".
I also picked up this Burton & Burton
"Nantucket" teapot by Paul Brent from Ebay.
It features a lobster on one side...
and a blue crab on the other,
with lots of colorful wood planks.
This crab shack birdhouse complimented
 the theme perfectly, so I hooked it 
from HomeGoods too.
Six years ago Mrs. Fields Cookies 
introduced this red 
"Beach House" cookie jar.
I found one on Ebay last year
and added it to the village.
Let's leave the shack and 
swim over to the tablescape.
Kind of a departure from the seaside village,
and more of a tide pool or coral reef vibe.
We find a pop of color with the beaded coral 
napkin rings on clearance from Pier 1,
along with the blue napkins with 
red-orange embroidery.
 Pier 1 melamine "Coral Reef" salad plates
really tie in all the colors on the table.
These blue rimmed stoneware dinner plates 
came from Walmart for 88¢ each!!!
The galvanized chargers where another 
clearance item from Pier 1.
For some reason galvanized steel just
says seafood shack to me.
There be lobsters here Cap'n!
See how I tied it to the theme there?
This runner is called 
"Coastal Breeze" from Wayfair.  
The nautical flatware also came from Wayfair.
They really do "Got What I Need!"
The blue rimmed glasses were sitting right 
next to the plates at Walmart for 96¢ ea.
We eyed this clam vase while
wading through HomeGoods and thought
it would make the perfect centerpiece.
This cute little siren lures sailors to their
sodium overloading doom with her salty melody . 
Found her on Amazon and knew she 
would add a little more whimsy to the table.
These delightful little Adirondack chairs are
 actually place card holders
We found them on clearance at Pier 1
along with their "Wallace the Whale" pitcher.

For a whale of a good time,
he'll be happy to spit up your favorite beverage
quick as you can say ambergris.
That concludes our voyage around the table
here on Ozark's isle.
Thanks for stopping by
and as always, happy hunting.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Illuminating the Backyard

Last weekend Sam and I finally purchased the
rest of the components needed to electrify 
the backyard LED path lights.
I mentioned them in a post here 
when I was installing new backdoor lights.
Fist I positioned the lights
I put one lamp post in our old rose and 
mint garden on one side of the yard.

And the other in the "rock garden" 
on the other side of the yard.
The toughest part was digging the trench
and burying the one hundred feet of 
low voltage cable across the yard, 
that feat took the better of two days
with lots of breaks to get out of the sun.
Midway across the yard
we decided a little more illumination 
would look splendid. 
Unfortunately the little lamp posts
are no longer available so we checked out
a few alternative options at Lowes.

We chose an LED well light
to be buried in the ground
and up light the Pindo Palm.
Can you see it in the grass
 in front of the palm?
Cher has been wondering what I'm digging 
at across her yard these last few days.
I hung the new transformer,
set the clock,
connected the cable, and 
programmed the timer.
On at dusk, off at 10:30.
No need to have it on all night.
When darkness approached,
voila, the backyard sparked to life
with a beautiful glow. 

The up light illuminated the 
inside palm branches in a beautiful way.

Elvis and Cher even enjoyed 
a well lit night time potty break.
We've been on quite a kick replacing and 
adding all new exterior lights around the house, 
so we can't ignore the least used exterior light.  
The side garage door light.
It was the builder's basic plastic jar light
that came with the house back in 1998.

It was pretty brittle and came off easily.
I attached the new light's bracket,
trimmed and stripped the wires,
and attached the new light to the wall.
It's an LED light as well and 
should save big on energy.
It's very bright too.
Without matching them completely,
its look sort of ties in with both 
the front porch light, 
and the backdoor lights.

Well....I did say "sort of".
Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting.

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