Thursday, October 3, 2019

HomeGoods Halloween 2019

Sam and I took our grandson, Jaylen, to 
HomeGoods last weekend to checkout 
the new Halloween offerings,
and we weren't disappointed!

Lots of witches, as usual.

 A yoga skeleton!

 Check out this spooky serveware!
 Love this witch's expression.
It's all so beneath her.
A great offering of 
Fall/Thanksgiving serveware .
3 gnome pumpkins in a cart 
garden statue😕
Pink and gold pumpkins and 
flower pattern pumpkins
very couture. 
Jaylen even found 
his favorite piece.
Would be great Halloween night.
Thanks for stopping by
and happy haunting.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

A Haunted Cookie Jar Village

Wouldn't it be grand to have a 
haunted village made out of cookie jars?
I never started one, but I've had 
the idea for years.
This is a splendid one from 
Cheryl' out this year for $49.99.
Lots of creepy details and an awesome
skeleton on the front.
Not too exciting the rest of the way around.
Love the bat in the moon.
The silver roof is cool too.
Cheryl's has offered a unique
haunted house cookie jar
almost every year. 
Here are a few from past years.
 Some interesting, and some plain
But together they would make 
quite an attractive village. used too offer
some very nice ones in the past too.
This one was my absolute favorite.
I adore the black cat on the roof.
and the spooky black ghost in the 
front doorway, all the colors.  
didn't nab it when it was out,
but I wish I had. 
This one was nice too.
I wish Mrs. Fields would consider 
offering more haunted house cookie jars.
 One of their last was this 
haunted train station cookie jar.
Maybe the train station didn't 
sell well so they ended the pun intended.
Still, it would look nice in a village.
Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Delightful Easter Plates at Dillard's

Check out these charming new 
Easter plates now at Dillard's!
From their Southern Living line.
The bunnies are just adorable.
Plus each salad plate has a
little surprise scene on the back. 
Each plate also has a cute name.
This one is "Whiskers".
This one is "Nibbles".
Here's the back of  Nibbles.
Here's "Digger"
and here's Digger's rump!
Here's sweet little "Maybelle"
Here's the back of Maybelle.
 Over on the right you can see the tip of 
Maybelle's ear folded around the plate.
Such attention to detail.

There's also a Eggcellent little 
Easter Bunny egg condiment bowl.
With a funny little bunny 
hanging off the side.
No tablescape is complete 
without salt and pepper shakers
and Dillard's has you covered.
This little magnetic set of a bunny
holding his carrot is simply charming.
There's also a large bunny vase
great for a centerpiece at 10'' tall.
as well as a bunny tidbit dish
to round out the collection.
What a great collection
to get the hop on Easter with.
Thanks for hopping by
and hoppy hunting!
Okay I'll stop.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Christmas 2018 Wrap up

Hope everyone is having a very 
merry holiday season.
I thought I should round out the year with
at least one post for December.
It was a pretty good month overall.
Let's take a look at a few new finds
on the little round table. 
Sam and I found this awesome 
battery operated snow globe at Kohl's 
by FAO Schwarz. 
It lights up and a little motor 
inside creates a snow storm.
The lighted houses and little 
snowman is just so charming.
Plus, having something special from 
FAO Schwarz really notches up 
the Christmas nostalgia.
When placed in my vignette, it's almost like 
Santa has a personal magic globe 
to peek in on the village and 
check out the weather for the night.
Next we have a new Hallmark ornament
called "Santa's Christmas Train Musical Ornament
with Lights and Motion".

 There really is a lot of motion!  
The train, the handcar, the elves, 
the package delivery, the reindeer and sleigh,
Santa's head and arms all move.
The lights flash and music plays 
"Jolly Old Saint Nicholas"
Santa blows a train whistle and 
moves the train controller.
It really is magical.
It really goes well with the 
Toymaker Santa Ornament series
that I've been collecting from the start.
2018 toymaker Santa
 Now we go out front to see
the new "RING" doorbell
my folks sent us as a Christmas gift.
 It's pretty nifty.  
It certainly records all the action out front 
and makes our phones ring a little
wind chime noise, and I mean ALL
action!  Our house sounds like a wind tunnel
with chimes going off all the time.
I've been tweaking it to be less sensitive
so still a work in progress.
Now a bit of bad news.
My dream car, the 2013 Red Scion XB 
was rear ended by a motorcycle this month.
I was in front of him in steady rush hour traffic
then suddenly there was an abrupt stop because of a 
traffic light waaaaay up there.
I stopped in time and two beats later my back window 
exploded.  I was not injured.
 The motorcyclist got a concussion and was 
taken away in an ambulance.

 The insurance company said there was $7,500 in 
damage and that was over 65% of the total
cost of the car. 
State law says they have to total it.
 They gave me over $11,000 for it.
Thankfully my dear ol' dad helped make my 
Christmas merry and bright when he
added to the insurance money and after
a whirlwind car search Sam and I found
a 2019 metallic red 
(they call it a scarlet ember tintcoat) 
Nissan Rogue SV with the 
"Sun and Sound Touring Package" upgrade.
That comes with a large moon roof 
and 9 Bose speakers. 
 Plus fog lights, mud guards, floor and cargo mats,
a first aid kit, and a chrome rear bumper guard.
It even has a heated steering wheel!
Plus a complete driver's assist safety package. 
Which means auto braking and steering when needed.
It sure has a lot more than my Scion ever had,
but I sure do miss my little XB.
Big thanks again to my dad!
We bought it December 21st right before Christmas.

I'll need to think up a 
Christmassy name for it.

This year I moved the Becky Denny Retro Santa 
candy dish to this little accent cabinet.
And filled it with Santa hat Hershey Kisses
I think it fits in quite nicely.
Right before we took the tree down this year
I put away my "grandson proof" LGB train
and had a little fun with my 
Aristo Craft C-16 2-8-0 locomotive.
It sure is a pretty engine.  Sadly,
Aristo Craft is no longer in business.
My guess is the rising cost of production 
and the fact that there's almost no interest in
electric trains by today's young generation.
There's just no competing with smartphones.
Here's a shot of our little Cher bear 
and her squeak toy Christmas present.
She's good at looking innocent.
till you get too close.

That's a wrap for December 2018
Thanks for stopping by
and Happy New Year!
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