Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween with Pyracantha (Santa Cruz)

Sam and I bought a bush this summer!
I've always wanted a bush that would have 
red berries in the winter.
I grew up with holly bushes in Virginia, 
but our bushes would NEVER grow any berries,
 red or otherwise.
I've always liked the look of a red berry bush 
at Christmas time.
So we visited Moon Valley Nurseries
last summer to get a bush that would grow
red berries.
We came home with a Pyracantha (Santa Cruz)
bush (also called a Firethorn for its ½'' long thorns) 
that was getting ready to bloom with clusters of
 white flowers, that would then turn into 
green berries.
In late Fall they are supposed to turn into 
red berries...
Only now after reading up on Pyracantha
did I learn that they come in different verities,
some have orange berries, some red.
 Other sites say red berries in the winter.
None mention having orange berries for Halloween
that turn into red berries for Christmas.
Which, by the way, would be super cool!
 I do hope they are still changing into red,
 however, Fall is my favorite time of the year
so if they are in fact orange, that wouldn't be
so terrible. 
At least the pumpkins are extremely 
happy with the color.
This little pumpkin was a new purchase 
at Walmart this month for $7.99, 
I just love those teeth. 
Hope your having a wonderful October,
thanks for stopping by
and happy haunting!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Scary Halloween Pillows

Who said Halloween couldn't be cushy?
Today Julius is modeling our new 
"just made" Halloween pillows!
Specially made by Sam's cocktail waitress 
coworker Eden.  Sam and I had gone on a 
fabric hunting trip back in 2012 
I blogged about it here .
We found some cool fabric at Joann Etc.
And I started thinking we could 
Incorporate some crazy trim.
Like balls and fur, of which they didn't 

have enough in stock and didn't know 
when they'd get anymore in.
So we put off having them made for a year.
Then another year went by.
This year we were ready! 
We found the balls at Hobby Lobby and the fur
was finally available at Joann's.
We also found a pack of groovy Jesse James buttons,
a witch hat,
 a jack-o-lantern,
 a black cat,
and a ghost to liven up our pillows. 
They'll adorn our window bench along with 
the other pillows Eden made for us,
 that match our table runner.
Our next set of pillows are pretty creepy with
their fur trim and
images of haunted houses, grave yards,
old dead trees and
Jack-o-lantern buttons.
They give Julius the willies!
I think Eden outdid herself again.
Thanks for stopping by and happy haunting.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Halloween M&Ms 2014

Do you see what I see?
There, in the center of the hutch, 
in the Jack-O-Lantern's big happy mouth.
Halloween M&Ms!!!
Cool Ghoul's Blend to be exact.
"But how?" you ask...
It wasn't cheap!
Sam and I finally gave in and headed to M&M's World in Henderson.
It's smaller than the one on the strip
but they had the colors we needed!!!
The colors we needed at a premium
 that is!!!
You'd think we were buying Godiva.
They had their own Halloween version already mixed called
"Rue's Midnight Mix"
but I wanted the classic Halloween mix 
with Orange,
Black, Electric Green, and Purple!
We got a little over a pound for 
$14.57 with tax but it seemed so small.
No touching this chocolate 
till after Halloween. It's too expensive.
Thanks for stopping by, 
and Happy Haunting!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I spotted this visitor "just hanging around" 
in my backyard the other day.
I moved slowly closer snapping pictures
with my phone hoping he wouldn't 
skedaddle away.

He didn't, just hung there looking at me.

After a posting on Facebook, 
I was told he was a Bearded Dragon

And that they make great pets.

I've seen tiny lizards scurrying around and
 skittering up the side of my house 
when I do yard work...

But this little fellow is BIG at 8'' long!

This could explain the the absence of bugs
 in my backyard this summer!!   

Thanks for stopping by.
Sorry I haven't posted in a while.
Since my wife now has weekends off with me,
I don't have as much time to post.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Halloween at HomeGoods 2014

On a recent stop-in at HomeGoods 
I was delighted to see Halloween
has arrived!

A lot of very cool things, but 
nothing tempted me....yet.
Thanks for stopping in
and happy hunting!

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