Friday, December 22, 2023

Santa, the Character Jug

Something else new this year on the 
Ozark Christmas Hutch!
While browsing through Ebay as I often do
I stumbled across a highly detailed Santa Claus Mug.
I thought, "That detail is awesome, I want that!"
I learned it was a Royal Doulton 1983 
Large Character Jug of Santa Claus D6704
I was intrigued and started searching Ebay
for one I could afford, or at least 
one that Sam would let me buy.  
I already spent a bundle this year.
They range in price from $50 to over $130.
In my search, I noticed that there were slightly
different ones that were cheaper, but the 
style numbers were also different.
I realized I was looking at smaller sizes.
The jugs came in three sizes!
I had to be careful, I was only 
looking for the large one.
Then I saw one with a candy cane handle
and liked that even better
It was the 1987 Royal Doulton Santa Claus 
Jug D6793 with candy cane handle
Its price got considerably more expensive,
Ranging from $275 up to $1500.00!!
I knew I wasn't getting one of those.
From there I found a different 
color candy cane version D6840.
The cheapest one of those was $300!!
It was a Limited Edition size of 1,000 
made in 1989 
for the American Collector's Society.
Then there was this one,
Limited to a run of just one, 
an African Santa D6704
a prototype that wasn't supposed 
to leave the factory. It's on sale 
now on ebay for $27,996.96!!!
It comes with a certificate that 
authorizes its release from the factory. 

I also found this one
a 1987 Royal Doulton Santa Clause D6794
It has a wreath handle.
Samantha and I occasionally decorate 
wreaths together around Christmas,
so this one would have a special meaning.
It was listed at $125 but I was able to get it
for $100 + $15.00 Shipping!
This style seems to sell for up to $250,
so I got a real deal!
And I must say, it looks right at home 
on the Ozark Christmas Display
The detail is so nice.
 I found a few other style versions out there,
Here's a white hat and green striped 
candy cane handle version, released 1989 
D6840 with a limited edition of 1,000.
It sold at auction for $2,100.00
and this one
D6794 released in 1987
He's an African Santa with a 
green hat and wreath handle.
It sold at auction for $4,500.00
see it here.
I'm happy with the one I found,
It was a reasonable price!
Thanks for stopping by
Merry Christmas to all!

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