Monday, December 12, 2022

Snowman Candy Dish

I just procured another Mackenzie-Childs
The Nostalgia Snowman Candy Dish.
It was exclusively at Neiman Marcus.
Pictured here with its base on 
backwards for some reason.
Very pricey at $98, which is not 
unusual for Neiman Marcus, but 
I think it is the 
Mackenzie-Childs retail price.
They didn't have many in the store
and I didn't want to miss getting one.
It is very charming and of excellent quality,
 and will look right at 
home in the Ozark Christmas collection.
Mackenzie-Childs has a whole 
Nostalgia Snowman line.
There's a mug at $42

A beautiful cookie jar at $228!!!!
Much too expense for my budget,

but it was love at first sight!
The Snowman S&P shakers are adorable,
they're $48, which is reasonable.
I already have snowman shakers, 
and enough Christmas shakers to boot.

But that's not all!
They released a soap pump, a snow globe,
a top hat taper holder, and a cake stand. 
They also have a giant 
Nostalgia Snowman Trophy Figure 
for the porch outside for $895
get one here
for that price, I don't recommend 
putting it outside.

Last Christmas, my parents gave me these 
Mackenzie-Childs salt and pepper shakers.
Called the Checkmate Duo
they are designed to look like chess pieces.
I displayed them right on my hutch buffet.
I just adore Mr. Snowman's 
monocle and mustache,
very creative!
I'd never seen a snowman 
with a mustache before 
and just had to have it. 
All this fuss started because 
Sam gave me my first
Mackenzie-Childs collectable 
last Christmas.
The Candy Cottage Cupcake lidded box.
read about it here
I was so impressed with the detail
and quality, I immediately started searching 
for other Mackenzie -Childs collectables.
Maybe it's time to start looking at 
their collectibles for other holidays.

Thanks for stopping by
and Happy Holidays!


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