Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Vignette Over the Kitchen Cupboards

Back in 1998 when my Vegas house was being built,
actually, it was close to finished...
at least the kitchen cupboards
 had been installed.
I knew I would need to do something
with all the space above the cabinets.
As a house warming aunt and uncle 
gave me a large Italian blue rooster bowl,
two or three silk plants, and a carved wooden
rooster on a stick. 
I knew just the place to display them. 
On top of the kitchen cupboards.
You can see the rooster in the picture above.
A short time later my parents flew in for a visit
to help fill their son's new home with some 
much needed essentials, ie: curtains, 
mini blinds, toaster oven, new Cal. king bed!!!...
They took me to Nellis Air Force Base Exchange 
to find a ceiling fan, it was there that
I became inspired by a store display 
where they used small wooden 
crates and potted plants to highlight items.
Mom and I went on a crate finding mission,
we found many at Michael's,
and I began to create the composition.

Over the years the vignette has had some 
minor additions and changes but today, 
Sam and I thought it was time to retire
the tired old silk plants for something new.

Recently all the home stores have been 
offering mini dried leaf topiaries 
that I thought would fit the bill perfectly. 
We found some darling ones at HomeGoods
and Tuesday Morning.
 I blended them into the revamped 
vignette with some wonderful results.
The wonderful old rooster 
is still standing proud.
He's next to a new chicken wire basket 
with three small boxwood shrubs.
It was Sam's Tuesday Morning find
along with this awesome green wire basket
that I turned into an egg nest with sunflowers.
I love that cool label with the chicken.
Moving along we see a mini stained glass 
rooster light next to a  
Pahrump Valley Winery cork,
a Kerr canning jar, 
a raspberry silk stem, a Fitz & Floyd 
"Coq Du Village" rooster water pitcher,
a zinc metal pail full of dogwood and
Hydrangea blooms and a bread basket.  
All part of the original display.
Next to the blue rooster bowl 
is another new boxwood topiary, 
this one came in a zinc pail with a 
blue gingham ribbon and bow.
On the corner, another basket with faux eggs, 
a crate with faux apples, a large white 
rooster stained glass light,
and a Marie Calender's pie tin.
Over the stove,
we find a small rooster basket
next to another new
 double topiary with a bow, and a 
small cornbread baking pan in back.
The final vignette has another basket, 
more small crates, a faux apple,
a stained glass chicken light,
and a rooster head pitcher.
The pitcher is a piece from the
"A Day In The Country" line
by AppleTree Design.
It isn't in this next shot because
it just arrived from Amazon as I 
was writing this post!
Do you think I achieved a country
kitchen theme and stirred images of
a chicken dinner and fruit pies? 
I like to pretend I did.
Sam and I are so pleased with the 
new topiaries, and think they improve the 
look one hundred percent.
Hope ya'll have a wonderful 
Mother's Day Weekend
and Thanks for stopping by!
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