Saturday, September 10, 2011

Halloween Dreaming Continued

I was just on Ebay recently,
and searched under the term
"Halloween Salt and Pepper"
and this popped up....
Pacific Trading Attractives
A Pacific Trading kissing Frankenstein and bride
magnetic salt and pepper shakers listed as "zombies".

Well let me tell you,
one of Ozark's other larks includes
an affection for the Frankenstein Monster.
In particular, 
a love for Herman Munster,

I have celebrated many a Halloween as
Herman Munster
Herman Munster with Halloween pumpkin bucket

Me as Herman with Halloween pumpkin bucket 
I hired a seamstress who, coincidentally, 
was from Transylvania.
How cool is that?
I bought the greenish brown fabric for the jacket and pants  
at a fabric shop where the woman working there
had actually met Fred Gwen dressed as Herman!
Fred Gwen was dressed as Herman, not the woman.
I then purchased the uncolored and bald foam forehead
from an actual Hollywood makeup shop.  
I did all the makeup myself
with lots of Fred Gwen reference shots setting around. 

 But I digress.....
That kissing salt and pepper shaker set,
while not Herman Munster,
would certainly fit in to the Ozark Halloween ensemble.

Through many shady dealings
in dark laboratories of old dank castles,
with crazed scientists
and their hunchback assistants
I was able to procure many a relic....

a One Hundred 80 Degrees
Frankenstein mug
The "Franken-stein"
 designed by creative people from 
started by Stephen Brown

the creative mind behind 
the world of Glitterville.
next we have a...

Frankenstein hand vase. 
(I use it to display
individually wrapped red Twizzlers
during the Halloween season.
They look like veins sticking out!)
And there's a.....

Dept 56 google eye Bride of Frankenstein Bowl.
Acquired exclusively from FTD about 5 years ago.
Her eyes jiggle as you move her around.
And I must not forget my
sock monkey Frankenstein

Given to me, as a gift,
from my art director boss.
So, as you can see,
this little Ebay find
will fit in quiet gruesomely this Halloween.

The End

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