Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The White Reindeer Cookie Jar Is BACK!

 For anyone who missed it in 2009!
The white reindeer cookie jar 
is back at Pottery Barn!
Only this time, they call it the "Stag" cookie jar.
Which sounds a little more woodsy I guess.
I adore this cookie jar.
It has been the centerpiece of my 
Christmas tablescape every year since.
This picture was from the original 
listing on PB's website.  
It's what made me want to capture that same 
warm "milk and cookies" feeling at my house too.
It's on sale now for $55 down from $69.
So after seven years, now's your chance!
Snag This Stag!
I just know you'll love it too.
Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

One New Turkey Plate and Some Napkin Roses

Before we say goodbye to Thanksgiving 2016
I just wanted to share a picture
of this year's turkey plate.
Ain't it a beaut?
We found it half off at Pottery Barn.
Now I have four turkey plates all 
different and unique.
In a few more years I'll have 
enough to go around the table too.
Each setting getting a different turkey.
Speaking of setting the table,
I learned how to fold rose napkins this year
from YouTube.
It was pretty simple and looked awesome.
Even with the plaid napkins.
Find out how HERE!
I slipped them in the little 
accent bowls at each setting.
Kind of a different look.
But a nice effect,
and super easy!
Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Trick or Treat Eve

Sam just gave me a new 
Halloween canvas art print
as one of my gifts for our anniversary!
16 years now!

 It's titled "Trick or Treat Eve" 
by artist R. Fair.
It shows a quaint little town 
on Halloween night.
Children dressed in costume 
are trick or treating.
A carved pumpkin judging is 
commencing by the gazebo,
as well as a bobbing for apples game, 
and a party is happening at the church.
I've had my eye on this piece at 
Kirkland's this whole season.

It was selling for $39.99 and just this
weekend went on sale for half off at $19.99.
How cool is that?
 She snatched it right up, a good thing too,
 it was the last one in the store.
It was meant to be!
I knew just where I wanted to hang it.
Right behind my Fitz and Floyd 
"Halloween Harvest" 
haunted house Cookie jar.
The houses practically match each other.
But that's not all!
There's a little magic to the art print as well.
 Voilá! It lights up too!
Little LED's are hidden behind the canvas
to make the lamp posts, windows, and moon
appear illuminated!
So festive!

 The whole town is teaming with activity.
There's even a ghost in the graveyard!
I think the Fitz and Floyd witch wants to
get in on the action.
 She has a pumpkin for the contest!
 She had better hurry,
 the judges have almost decided.
In the lower corner of the painting
we find a cornfield with a scarecrow
 Perfect for my Dept 56 party crows 
candle stick holders and
 Treat bowl.
 Even the runner ties in nicely.
 I had some small Halloween plates 
from Kohl's some years ago 
that where perfect for the new shelf.
 They are small, so my Fitz and Floyd 
"Boo" witch treat jar fit right in.
The colors are a perfect match.
 I think the whole scene is so much more 
welcoming and interesting with my new picture. 
 It just sets the right mood, and brings
everything to life under the full moon.
That brings us to the end of my post!
Thanks for stopping by
and happy haunting!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Hallmark's Gone Sugar Skull Crazy

Here is this year's 
Hallmark sugar skull ornament.

I think she is very nice.
I bought the sugar skull ornaments 
from the last two years, 

so I definitely need this one, right?
This year Hallmark has introduced an 
entire line of sugar skull items.

Here's their clever sugar skull mug for $12.95
A salt and pepper set based on the previous 
sugar skull ornaments for $12.95

A treat dish for $14.95
Even a sugar skull pillow for $19.95
Or how about this hand painted 
sugar skulls wine glass for $26.95?
And finally a sugar skull figurine for $19.95
I guess if you're suddenly into sugar skulls these are
pretty groovy items.
However, my favorite item this year is their 
cute little "Peanuts" Great Pumpkin treat dish.
With Snoopy wondering,
"When do we eat?"  
Thanks for stopping by
and happy haunting!

Friday, September 16, 2016

MORE Halloween at HomeGoods 2016

Another visit to HomeGoods proved
to be more rewarding! 
The shelves are now fully stocked
 with Halloween goodness!
The large decorations are mind blowing!
Who has room to store them 
during the rest of the year?

 Love this sign!
Another dragon!  This one was SOLD!
Giant vampire nut cracker!

Huge mailbox!
'Cause nothing says Halloween like a 
giant slot machine and payphone!?!

Neat wooden skull and crossbones.

Awesome sign!
Look at all that personality!

 I think this is a mummy.

Sophisticated bat sculpture decoration. 


Loved this glitter house.
Certainly much more to choose from 
on this excursion.
See anything you like? 
Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting!

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