Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ticking In the New Year with a BIG Clock

We bought a NEW clock
from Rod Works!
And the best part?
It was practically free!
I won the drawing at the office Christmas party
for a $50 visa gift card,
Rod Works had a 30% off coupon on their website
combined with their great prices,
we got a huge clock for practically nothing.
Sam's and my eyesight isn't what it used to be
so a huge clock is just the thing we need.
I think it's neat that the number 6
is replaced with a hole,
where one can view the swinging pendulum.
As for the text...
"Jardin du Monceau" is French
and from my research translates to
"Garden of the "Pile" or "Heap"
which is either a park in France,
Parc de Monceau, Paris
or a fruit and vegetable stand in France...
"Jardins de Monceau"
at least according to Google Maps.
The other line is
"57 Due de Lille"
which I think is an address and 
I think it's a misprint, it should read
"Rue" or "Road" 
instead of "Due" or "Owe"
"57  Road of Lille"
Google Maps shows this address in Paris, France
Don't really know why the address is on the clock 
but, it's still pretty nifty.
Next to the clock 
we find a new plate on the wall.
Called "Le Tigre Plate"
Designed by Nathalie L├ęte
From Anthropologie
I spotted it on a jaunt with Samantha 
through the store,
image source
and thought it would make a colorful addition
 to our tiger and Asian elephant motif
in our India inspired living room.

A new plate and a wall clock
to ring in the new year!

How can you go wrong with that combo?

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Hunting in the new year.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas To All

Just a little Santa cartoon 
I drew up this year...
How Santa gets the star on top of the tree.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Last Minute Christmas Touches

Last year I needed some advice with my first attempt
at tablescaping.
I used the advice to add more red
to the table as well as plates and napkins.
Here are the results...
Still featuring the Pottery Barn deer cookie jar,
this year I added a plaid table runner
from HomeGoods
and Pottery Barn's "Deers in the snow"
salad plates,
 A gift from Sam to me for Christmas.

and matching napkins.
 Another Christmas gift from Sam.

They compliment the deer cookie jar nicely
as well as last year's place mats.

We've had these enormous red chargers
from Pier 1 for years,
they were perfect for this setting.
we found these "Carson Plaid Dinner Plates" 
on sale at Pottery Barn so we picked up 4.
and  considered them another
gift from Sam to me. 

Bobs "Sweet Stripes" candy sticks
bring the color again this year,
and another practically perfect apothecary jar
from HomeGoods adds the height.
Overall, I think I definitely brought the
Christmas cheer level up several notches this year
thanks to all the advice.

Let me also show off  the Ozark Christmas hutch
one last time...
HERE and HERE are previous posts on it.
Ozark Kitchen Hutch for Christmas 
We have acquired a Mrs. Claus cookie jar,
 with BLUE HAIR!!!

I had a great grandmother with blue hair,
so I guess it's a thing....?

She is the AppleTree Design
"Mrs. Claus Preparing Cookies For Santa"
cookie jar.
 HERE is the post on her.
She is certainly sweet,
but I would have preferred white hair.
Here is the Radko "Sleepytime Santa"
salt and pepper shaker circa 2006
but new to the collection this year.
HERE is the post I did on him.
He naps next to the Hallmark
"North Pole Countdown" to Christmas ornament
"Spark your little one's curiosity about Santa's to-do list.
Kids will love turning the dial on this ornament to hear updates
from the North Pole as you count down the days until Christmas."
It was a gift from my daughter this year,
and I felt it fit in better on the hutch than
on the tree.
Next we jump to the dry goods pantry to see
the old red truck...
It's the Cracker Barrel Candy Jar.
HERE is the post on it.
It fits in so nice with the
Spode train station cookie jar and country picture.
I can just picture a farmer waiting for the
train to arrive with his loved ones,
coming home for Christmas,
and then they'll head home to put up the tree.
Sheesh...I need to get a life.
Speaking of Christmas trees...
let me show you ours!
 Sam is collecting the Hallmark
gingerbread house ornament series "Noelville".

She has quite the neighborhood.
I want to wish everyone
a very Merry Christmas.
Hold your loved ones close,
and enjoy the moments
you have with them.
 Thanks for stopping in!

Today I'm joining
Tablescape Thursday 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas in the Bellagio Conservatory Gardens

Sam and I stopped in to see Christmas
in the Bellagio Conservatory
Although known for the magnificent fountain
in the lake in front of the casino,
 and just past the hotel lobby
where you see Dale Chihuly's "Fiori di Como"
there is also a spectacular conservatory.
I had a camera phone and took pictures
but I also found some super pics
from other sources on the web.
Most were taken by
Tom Donoghue for the
Las Vegas Sun Newspaper...

 The Conservatory & Botanical Gardens 
The grand Christmas tree
Beautiful polar bears covered in white carnations
Giant mirrored star ornaments
over the bears.
Animated penguins ice skating.
A Giant rocking horse surrounded by
poinsettias and G gauge trains that travel through
a gingerbread village
image source

image source

Here's a daytime shot of the
train gingerbread village.
image source

A giant ornament rests next to the tree

and giant toy soldiers spin
in a field of red and white poinsettias  
image source
It was a very beautiful Christmas display.

After the conservatory
we paid a visit to the chocolate fountain
at Jean Philippe Patisserie also in Bellagio.
image source

It's sort of a yearly tradition to visit Bellagio,
the display changes every year and every season.

Here's a pic of the polar bear being assembled.
image source

Have a wonderful Christmas,
image source
and thanks for stopping by!
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