Thursday, September 17, 2015

More Halloween At HomeGoods 2015

Another stop in at HomeGoods yielded
some more Halloween Goodness...
Cute bat!  I need more bats...
 Creepy skeletal hands pillar holders
That tarantula candle holder
was mighty awesome!
Nearly life size creepy baby buggy!
Cool felt skull and crossbones garland!

The thing I've been searching for 
posted it on his blog three years ago...
The Headless Horseman Snow Globe
with light up Jack O' Lantern!!!
My quest was complete,
this little spook is going home with me.
In the past years, I was either a day late
or they never heard of a
Headless Horseman snow globe.
Well this baby is mine now!
Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting!

Monday, September 14, 2015

New Backdoor Lights

Sam had decided that it was time to replace 
our backdoor lights.  Which I had already done a decade
ago when I upgraded them from the builder's basic. 
She admitted she never truly liked them.

They where called a dark sky design because 
the light was only allowed to shine downward.

You can see the sun was pretty rough on the shade,
even causing some kind of rust or burn to form.
A few weeks ago while browsing through Lamps Plus, 
we came across a group of clearance lights.
Sam and I immediately fell for these vintage style 
wall lights that looked as though 
they belong in a park.
From the John Timberland Collection
"Stylish and contemporary, this outdoor
wall light features a black finish 
with white opal glass and an 
energy efficient, LED design."
Originally $179.99 we took two home for
$62.86 each plus a 10% off discount 
for being a rewards customer!!
How cool is that?
I immediately put the lights up out back!
Under Cher's supervision.
I had no idea the LED inside would be 
so small and flat, I wondered how 
well it would light up at night!
The glass shade just twisted on.
Maybe not the most proper style for a
stucco home but we love 'em

 and we can imagine we are out in a 
park when they're lit up!
Which I might add, is very bright 
and has a beautiful glow!
It will be even easier to imagine 
we are in a park when I install 
the other two lights we bought that night!
The John Timberland 
Byram miniature pole "path" lights, 
also on clearance for $19.98 each.
They only had two left in stock.
Aren't they the cutest things?
Now I need to install a backyard transformer
and run low voltage cable around the backyard
to make them work. 
Once installed they will light up the back 
like an amusement park.
All that's left is a new light for the front porch.
We have our sights set on this delightful one from Lowes
 The Allen + Roth Grandura which ties
in nicely with our stucco covered
 "Mediterranean style" house! 
That will be an install blog post 
in the near future, I hope!
Thanks for stopping by and 
happy bargain hunting!

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