Thursday, September 26, 2013

Plating up for Halloween

After a few years of searching,
I was ready to give up on finding proper plates 
to use on my hutch for Halloween...
that is, until now.
These Halloween Wiccan Lace Dinner Plates
by 222 Fifth are going to make a great
spooky backdrop on my Halloween hutch!
I bought four for $29.99 + shipping 
from Target.

Designed to look like lace trim it's full
of creepy imagery.

Spiders on webs, owls in trees 
around grave stones,
black cats, bats, an old house, 
just so many great details.

Their name "Wiccan Lace" implies witches 
but not one witch appears on the dinner plate.
They saved her for the salad plates.

I didn't order the salad plates.
There's just not enough room on my hutch
when it's decked out for Halloween.
They have dessert plates too.
in black and white and...
in color!
There are mugs too!

See the whole collection
available online only at 
Hurry they sell out fast!

Check back soon, it's not long till
I'll be decorating for Halloween!
Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Foggy in Vegas?

No, it's never foggy in Vegas.
But that didn't stop me from wanting 
fog lights for my new Scion xB
That's them in the bottom grill.
I had them dealer installed at Desert Scion.
They're an official 2013 Scion xB accessory.

Here are the "install it yourself" instructions
if you're so mechanically inclined.

The promo image 
of a 2013 Scion xB with fog lights,
was a great selling feature for me.

To install them, they remove
 the bottom grill, cut out the corner louvers,
snap in the fog lights, and re-install the grill.  
The car is already pre-wired for the
off chance the owner would
want fog lights....which I did!
Inside, they knock out a blank 
from a lower panel 
on the left of the steering wheel, 
and install the button.
 It glows at night when the headlights are on.
Just press the button to turn on the fog lights.
I got a cool surprise 
when I saw the fog light symbol
illuminate on the instrument panel.
It had always been there...just waiting for the 
lights to be installed.
There's my xB at night with the 
fog lights burning bright.
and without a flash.....awesome huh?
Now all I need is fog.

Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Brews, Potions, & Spells

For over a year now
I've had my eye on this treat jar.
The Spell Book Treat Jar from 
Cost Plus World Market.
Last year in the store around early October
I asked about the jar that was sold out online,
and was told they've been
out of stock for weeks.
This year I went in three weeks ago 
and left my name and number 
to be called as soon as they came in.

They called me today!
I procured my ghastly 
stack of spell books this evening.
Not as big as a cookie jar, it's just
the right size for candy or treats.
Just grab the smiling skull on top
and lift the lid.
Full of great detail and
 a bargain at $12.99.
New this year at World Market
is this set of measuring cups
When stacked they form a poison potion bottle,
and compliment the Spell Book Treat Jar.
Also $12.99
I didn't grab one of those....
at least, not yet.
On the way home we slipped into 
a "Dollar Tree" Store and 
found some defrightful Halloween pops.
I think they'll go great in my google eye owl.
such great shapes.
But for a dollar a bag...will they taste okay?
Only time will tell.
(Cue lightning flash)
Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I've been early Halloween shopping!

Seeing Halloween stuff already on the shelves 
really gets me in the mood
for the up coming high holiday,
I just can't help collecting a few things...
At Yankee Candle we picked up
a "Boney Bunch" farmer votive holder...
He will go great in our country room.
Then Sam let me order a
lace spider web and bat table cloth
for our new accent table from this post here
It's the "Heritage Lace Halloween
Going Batty Table Topper"
Then after four years of debating weather or not
I really needed it, I finally ordered the
Dept. 56 "Google Eye Owl Lollipop and Candy Dish"
I guess I figured I needed it.

Then at Hobby Lobby
Sam and I picked up these black crows
They have a nice distressed wood look to them.
While at HomeGoods we found this creepy
skull milk bottle with a cork.
and for Sam's bathroom vignette...
A cool purple mercury glass bottle
with a glass raven stopper.
It reads "Spiders Kiss- WARNING
Ingesting this product will cause
creeping ulcers, paralysis,and finally
Heh-heh, funny huh?
Good thing the stopper is glued shut.

Last year, after Halloween at a 75% off sale
I scored this...
A One Hundred 80 Degrees
"Frankenstein Bowl with Spreader"
The handle of the saw in his forehead
slides out to reveal a spreader knife.

I just can't wait to display it all this year.
Not sure where it will all go but
I think I'll have fun finding places.
Thanks for stopping by and 
happy hunting!
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