Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Sweet New Halloween Ornament

I just acquired a new Halloween ornament.
The "Sweet Skull" from Hallmark.
It resembles the candy skulls used
 in the celebration of Dia de los Muertos
or, "Day of the Dead" which is becoming 
more and more popular in the states, as it
blends so well with Halloween! 
Hallmark's website says,
"Like to mix your candy canes and candy corn? 
This skull is adorned with yummy, colorful treats, 
making it as sweet as it is spooky."

The skull seems to sell out quickly 
every time a new shipment comes in.
Yesterday I stopped in to ask if my name
could be put on a waiting list for it. 
Suddenly the clerk spun around 
to a cart full of new stock behind her
and turned back asking "is this it?"
holding up the much sought after box.
Amazed at my luck, with a smile, I shouted 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Trip Around the High Roller Wheel

Samantha and I got the chance to ride 
the new Las Vegas High Roller.
The world's largest (for now) observation wheel. 
She works at the Paris, which is owned by Caesars,
and all Caesars employees got half price admission, 
for a short time, after The High Roller opened.
We decided to make an evening out of it.
Getting to the High Roller requires a short stroll 
through the "LINQ" a new outdoor area 
between the Flamingo and the "Quad", which
was once the Imperial Palace.
  It's chock-full of all sorts of shops, bars, 
restaurants, and casinos.
Even a Ghirardelli Chocolates.

The High Roller spins very slowly 
in a clockwise direction.
We went in to buy our tickets,

and strolled past a wonderful wall mural.

Looks exciting!
With our tickets in hand, 
we proceeded through the lighted doorway. 

 Past the bag check.

 Up the escalator.

 Past the refreshment stand and 
the last bathrooms for 30 minutes.

 Up another escalator.

 Through an empty switch back room

Through another doorway

and out to a breezeway.

We could see the capsules passing leisurely by. 

Once empty of the previous guests,

we were aloud to board.
Walk quickly and be careful, it doesn't stop 
and there are no handrails!
Aim for the open doors.....
Yay! made it!

We're in cabin # 16

And away we go!

The doors close and lock, and 
our humorous video host welcomes us aboard.
We had a very empty capsule with only three 
couples and plenty of room to move around.
A view of the capsule behind us.

There is a net below just in case 
you miss the capsule's doorway 
and fall off the edge!!!

Up, up and away!

We leave the station for our 35 minute trip.

A view of the wire spokes that support the wheel.

Here's a view of one of the supports behind the strip.

 The wheel starts to change color.

 The capsule is very roomy and 
a few benches are available for sitting.

I snap picture from all sides.

Here's a view of the LINQ alley below.

A grand view of the mountains.

The video keeps us posted of our altitude.

A view of the pod above us.

Sam works at Paris see the Eiffel Tower. 

The pod in front of us hits the top.

Hey! that fellow photo bombed us 
at Disneyland too.
Turnabout is fair Sam!

Yay! we have reached the top.

Now the return trip back down.

we are now DEscending.

We were on that side 15 minutes ago.

The Flamingo!

 Entering the station.

The pod in front was a little more 
crowded than ours.

Guests begin to board.

We're next.

Waiting for the doors to unlock and open.

We exit under the wheel and 

 head back to the LINQ.

 All lit up at night,

and a little more crowded with nightlife.

We head off to dinner at ...
Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen and Bar 
inside the Quad.

The kitchen is open for all to see.

Cool napkins!

We ordered a couple of cocktails.
I had the "Smoke & Mirrors" on the right,
fireball cinnamon whisky, fresh lemon juice, 
apple & cherry juice, a dash of lagavulin single malt.
Tasted like cinnamon red hots.
Sam had the "CC Rider"
absolute cilantro vodka, rock candy syrup, 
fresh lemon sour, celery bitters.
Both were very tasty!
Our appetizer was
"Guy-talian Fondue Dippers" 
pepperoni-wrapped breadstick twists 
served alongside their smoky provolone &
 sausage cheese dip, topped with fresh 
tomato bruschetta. 
 And we split a sandwich
"The Motley Que Sandwich" 
straight from guy’s bbq krew. 
pulled pork shoulder smothered in guy’s
bourbon brown sugar bbq sauce, 
citrus slaw, pickle chips, aged cheddar 
& onion straws…
stacked on an “awesome pretzel” bun.
After an enjoyable adventure and a 
remarkable dinner we headed home and 
called it a night.
Thanks for stopping by! 

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