Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Enchanted Tiki (Bed) Room

I found a marvelous lamp that I would
love to add to my bedroom decor.
It's the "Dale Tiffany Three Parrots Table Lamp".
Funny how it's called parrots but features toucans.
Nevertheless, toucans are my favorite bird.
I am also a HUGE fan of
Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room.
Which has parrots as stars but also
features happy little toucans in the chorus.
  I 've even decorated  my our bedroom around this theme.
Some years ago my wife and I were in the Enchanted Tiki Room
waiting for the show to start and I turned to my wife and said,
"I want our bedroom to look like this!"
An older lady in front of us, having overheard what I said,
turned to my wife and said "I feel sorry for you dear."
Of course I didn't want it to look exactly
like the Tiki Room, Just have the tropical feel
of the Tiki Room meets Tommy Bahama.
For furniture, I started with the
 Ethan Allen British Classics Collection
This is the Coco Accent table.
It was my first purchase in the collection.
 I just love the pineapple motif and
overall tropical flare of the line.
This is my nightstand, the Cayman Night Table.
The rich tone is from the cinnabar stain.
we also have the Dawson dresser and armoire
I'm still saving for the Montego bed,
I have a long way to go... a very long way....

A year ago in an effort to mimic the Tiki room
I purchased this Tiffany style hanging bird accent lamp
stained glass tiki bird
Someday I would like to paint the metal finish
to look like bamboo but I'm quite the laggard,
and a little intimidated by the task,
so it may never get a faux finish.

I am also the lucky owner of a
Disneyland's 50th anniversary
limited edition 
Juan, the Barker Bird, replica.
Juan the barker bird
Juan is designed by the talented team of
 Jody Daily & Kevin Kidney
Jody and Kevin

They have a deep affection for the Tiki Room,

and have designed a number of collectibles

Harriet Burns with the original Juan the barker bird

Walt Disney with Juan the barker bird

inspired by the Tiki Room....

Jaun the barker bird over the Tiki Room entrance

My barker bird in my bedroom...

I  have a few of their mugs,
that I display in the bedroom as well.

I own the Rongo Bowl

the Tiki Totem

the Pele mug

here's mine, I found her on Ebay

and the Adventureland mug.
I also have a few toucan figurines
from Fitz and Floyd, and Lenox
and a Pier 1 toucan mobile.

Plus I have a monkey collection
mixed in with the birds,
but that's a post for another day.

I'll share some actual bedroom photos once my
camera is out of the shop.

But I digress,
 Don't you think this toucan
lamp would feel right at home
in my tropical bedroom?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Flameless Candles with a Flame

From the "Well Whaddya Know" department:

My wife and I were at the mall last night
and wandered into the Brookstone store.
They always have such cool gizmos and gadgets.

But among the magnetic pens
and vibrating back massagers
I spied  
 these flickering candles by Luminara.
For just a moment
I thought they were really burning.

I've seen those LED candles that
have a little bulb inside that "flickers"
and dims to mimic a real candle.
These candles were very different,
they actually had an exposed flame that looked real!

Actually it was a small white thin
piece of plastic shaped like a flame.
It hangs loosely, or dangles,  from a tiny metal rod.

Inside the candle,
little magnets use "electromagnetic technology".
to keep the flame constantly moving and bouncing about.
get one here and/ or get one here
A small hidden LED
shines a constant intense bright spot
of light on the moving plastic flame.
The moving of the flame gives it
the flicker effect of a real candle. 

Best faux candle effect I've seen so far!
They are made of real scented wax
and are battery operated
with a built in timer that you can set
to turn on and off at the same time
each night.
Perfect for Christmas decorating.
I've discovered online that several
colors are available for all seasons!
Brookstone won't have them for long so 
check them out at Luminara's website HERE,
and QVC's website HERE.
And at Pottery Barn HERE
I did find a youtube video of this candle

Thanks for stopping by,
Happy Hunting!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Orange is the new Black

My friend Nita, from "Mod Vintage Life" just announced
that Pantone's 2012 color of the year is Tangerine Tango!
I've got the perfect cookie jar in mind for the occasion!
This is the "Wise Ol' Canister" from Anthropologie
Doesn't it fit right in with the color of the year?
I've had my eye on this owl for the last three years,
but the price tag of $128 is a bit dispiriting.
It would certainly add a pop of color to the decor.
This is a pic from Nita's blog 
with the little owl added in.
It isn't a very big cookie jar either.
Maybe that's why they're calling it a canister.
I guess it will just have to look nice
at Anthropologie 
and not in my collection.
some crazy sale comes along.
But at that current price,
it would have to be really CRRRAAAAZY!!!

Maybe some actual tangerines in a bowl
would add the pop I'm after
at way less than half the price.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year , Happy New Cookie Jar

I found a new Cow cookie jar.

Nothing special, just a cow,
but what a lovely cow!
I'll call her Bessie.

I've had my eye on her for some time. 
But didn't like her price or her shipping cost.
Sadly after a few years
many sites started to list her as "sold out".
My guess is,
she is out of production and stock is dwindling.
I started to tell myself I didn't need her anyway.

From time to time I would google
"cow cookie jar"
and just by chance, one search led me
to a cute little sight called
"About Time Farm Mercantile"
Where the shoppe proprietor,
the lovely Ms. Sharon Havel,
was having a HUGE sale
had the cow cookie jar I'd been seeking.

 Her stock of cow cookie jars 
were marked down to
with shipping coming to $6.75!
 combined, that's less than most sites were charging
for the cow alone.

Needless to say,
Bessie now resides in the Ozark managerie.
and "About Time Farm Mercantile"
is on my favorites list.

Hope Everyone had a Great New Year's celebration!!!
 I didn't have a cow this year,
because Sharon HAD a cow!
Ee i ee i oh!
alright I'll stop now....

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