Monday, June 3, 2013

Peaches On A Hot Day

We had a bumper crop of peaches this year
from our "Desert Gold" peach tree.
Unfortunately so many peaches, that
nearly every branch is broken.
 from top...
to bottom.
This was a big branch that looked like
it might just bend and not break, but....
it gave way as the peaches got bigger.
Funny thing is,
the branches go on living just all misshapen.
We've already given away
3 bags of peaches this season.
I brought the pups out with me to snap some pics,
but in this heat they didn't move much...
Cher and Elvis just laid there.
But who could blame them?
It was unseasonably warm...
It was like 103° outside.
"103°!?! Get me inside!"
Thanks for stopping by today,
and Happy Hunting!
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