Thursday, November 29, 2012

Red Truck with a Christmas Tree in Back

What is it about an old red truck
with a tree in the back
that just seems to conjure
warm, nostalgic memories of
good ol' Christmases past?
I googled "bringing home the tree" in images,
and a ton of pics popped up 
of just such a scenario.

From photos to ornaments  

and sugar cookies...
Image source   cookies from red truck bakery

Image source  a red truck cookie how to from Bridget
on her blog "Bake at 350" 

to earrings!

To a plate,

and pillows!

To wrapping paper!

To a candle!

To a Soap Pump!!
get one here

get one here

 Even a ride-on peddle car!!!

It just proves that if you want to bring
a Christmas tree home the right way,
you're going to need an old red truck.
While I was Googling,
an image from eBay caught my eye,
and I clicked to investigate.
It was an old timey red pick up truck...
with a tree in the back.
The box revealed It was a
Christmas candy jar from...
"Cracker Barrel Old Country Store"
Circa Unknown.
I thought to myself ,
how handsome this would look
in the Ozark country Christmas
I placed a max bid of $17,
and won it at $10.95!
How cool is that?
 I can imagine it looking right at home
next to the Spode
Train station cookie jar, in front of the
country Christmas picture!
I'll show more when it arrives!
Hope y'all are having a mighty fine
Christmas holiday season!

Update:  Here's what it looks like!!!
My old red truck with a tree in back!
Just perfect, don't you think?
 Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting!

Monday, November 26, 2012

A Cause for Pause with Mrs. Claus

It's the Christmas season again
and my cookie jar senses
are jingling!
I have noticed a drastic lack
of presence of Mrs. Claus in the
Ozark Christmas collection.
This year I hope to rectify that predicament
with a cookie jar
I just recently found on the web.
The "Mrs Claus Preparing Cookies for Santa" Cookie Jar.
Isn't she sweet?
She is a new creation from AppleTree Design
"A bit of applause for Mrs. Claus" line.
So much detail!
Check out her dangling earrings.
And that whipped cream hairdo
with the little gingerbread man
and holly berries sticking out is
just delectable!
She would certainly make a
delightful addition
to the Ozark Christmas display.
There's more to the line.
How about this wonderful pitcher?
"Mrs. Claus Milk for Santa"
these many Mrs. Claus Salt & Pepper shakers.
I don't know why there are so many.
The designer must have been full of ideas!
 There are also two different candlestick designs,
and a stacking cupcake stand.

Holding Gifts/X'mas Tree Cake stands 3 Pcs set
Mrs. Claus sure seems busy,
no wonder she's zonked out in the
S&P shaker.
Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus Resting on the Sofa.

It's a whimsical wonderful holiday line
from AppleTree Design,

sadly just a bit pricey.

So I'll probably just concentrate
on acquiring the cookie jar...

She does seem more than Christmassy enough!

Thanks for popping in!
Happy Hunting!
UPDATE: Click HERE to see Mrs. Claus
on my Christmas buffet.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

"Pie Making"
By J. C. Leyendecker
May you all have a Happy and
Blessed Thanksgiving
and create memories that will last
a lifetime.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Treasures for the Thanksgiving Hutch

With Thanksgiving only two days away
I was excited Monday night by the
last minute delivery of a
few new treasures
for my Thanksgiving hutch/buffet.

First off, let me show you my
Fitz & Floyd Cornucopia cookie jar
from their "Bountiful Harvest" line.
New to the Ozark collection just a few weeks ago.
It was smaller than I expected but still
very nice quality and full of intricate details.

moving up the hutch
we see a

Dept 56 "Corn on the Cob" covered butter dish.
I grabbed him last year after Thanksgiving.
From their retired "Orchard Collection"
circa 2007.
It has lots of rich color and fine detail,
with a, sort of, antiqued finish.

On the top shelf,

we find the new arrivals!

A Pfaltzgraff pheasant gravy boat.

get one here
From their "Plymouth" line.
Just perfect for autumn with his bold colors
and nice details.
I found him at a great sale price of $9.99
down from $20 on

Also from Pfaltzgraff, a bit of whimsy

with these little wooden Pilgrim windmills.

The little wheat bales spin around
behind the Pilgrims?!

Samantha has been wanting
something other than turkeys on the
hutch, and this year I delivered!
Her response,
"Not what I would've chosen, but okay."
And there you have it!

Hope everyone has a happy, safe, and blessed

Thanks for popping in,
and Happy Hunting!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stained Glass Turkey Light Revisited

After checking my stats,
 it seems my "Stained Glass Turkey Light"
was a highly sought after image
and I only had one good shot of it last year.
So this Thanksgiving I took a few more angles
and offer it up here.
I found my stained glass turkey light
on eBay years ago.
Here's a night time shot

They seem very scarce on eBay now.

They weren't all that common back then either,
but they would pop up from time to time. 
I was lucky to have spied this fellow
in the summertime, and had no competition
in winning the bid.

He is very festive and
creates a warm glow with two lights inside.

Samantha and I where lucky to
find this fabric that has an awesome
Thanksgiving vibe to it.

Sam's friend Eden turned it into a runner
and it compliments the turkey light quite nicely.

Eden even made us a pillow.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful November,
and has great plans for Thanksgiving.
Sam is cooking a turkey and the fixin's
and my boss is giving
everyone a "Honeybaked" ham.
So we should be set!
Thanks for stopping in!
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