Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Newly Aquired EAPG Compote

I just bought a compote today!
Definition: a bowl of glass usually with a
base and stem from which compotes,
fruits, nuts, or sweets are served.
From what little I could find on the web,
I believe it to be a "Panelled Palm" pattern
(with two "L"s in panelled for some reason)
by U.S. Glass Co since 1906.
Here's the best part, it was only $4.99!!!
I was walking through Savers at lunch time today
(they take in donations and resell them to the public)
 there it was on the shelf!
I quickly pulled out my phone to research. 
I could see it had a palm leaf in the design
so I typed "palm leaf compote",
Not the official name of this pattern
but one picture popped up...
ebay image
No information about it, just a picture.
That was enough for me to grab mine
and carry it to the front.

Back at the computer, it was hard to get any free
information at all on the pattern...
but finally, after Googling just
"eapg palm"
I found a pattern that matched mine.
"Panelled Palm"
I typed "eapg panelled palm" into Ebay
and a few items popped up here 
others pop up with one "L"(go figure!)
with the same pattern as my compote!
It does not seem to be a very common pattern,
and I'll admit, not a super fancy design,
but at 6'' high and 8''wide,
very good for holding Cuties.
and for only $4.99,
 I ain't complainin'!
Thanks for stopping by
and Happy hunting!
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