Friday, February 12, 2016

Rusty the Roadrunner and a New Light

Early this morning, our concrete garden burro, 
Mojave was enjoying his desert front yard,
when he suddenly noticed an odd little 
visitor darting around the yard!
First he was in front of the mesquite tree.

Then he ran in front of the big rock.

Next he stopped in front 
of the Rosemary bush.
Mojave was curious.
Just who was this little fellow?
Hello, he chirped, I'm Rusty!
I've come to add more interest 
to your desertscape.
Actually, Rusty is a concrete 
roadrunner garden statue we ordered from 
Little Baja with the same terracotta 
finish to match the burro.
I must admit, when we ordered him out of 
their catalog, I pictured him much bigger.
which is why I moved him from his 
intended spot in front of the tree to further 
back in the yard.  I didn't want someone to 
walk off with him.
He shows up better in front of the green 
rosemary instead of the salmon colored rock.

Next it was time to retire the 17 year old
 porch light that came with the house.  
Everyone in this neighborhood
has this same porch light.
We wanted something a little unique.
Something that looked a little more 
Mediterranean in theme.
With lots of black wrought-iron details.
On a whim, I also picked out a 
vintage style LED light bulb from Lowes.
It offers a warm glow while 
the visible filament peaks interest. 
There are little bubbles "seeded" in 
the amber glass globe to suggest an 
old world feel.
I just need to add the finial.
There, not a bad looking light.
I might have just upped my curb appeal!
Don't you agree Pepe?
Pepe likes!
Another Little Baja garden ornament!
The light is from Lowes.
It's called the allen + roth Grandura 18.63''h 
Mercado Black Outdoor Wall Light.
It was $79.98 when I bought it this February.
As dusk falls over the newly 
accessorized front yard.
The warm glow of the porch light 
adds a touch of romance!
Just in time for Valentine's Day!
Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting!

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