Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Sly Surprise On The Thanksgiving Hutch

Once again the obligatory shot of the 
Thanksgiving hutch for 2015...
with a few new additions.
The Spode turkey centerpiece is now 
perched at the top of the hutch,
beside the stained glass rooster 
and floppy turkey.
 The pumpkin teapot is now on the botto...um...
that's strange...why do the turkeys seem 
so nervous and jumpy?
It's as if they're in a panic and being 
spooked by something?
Eh?...What's that you say?

What in tarnation does that rascal think he's up to? 
Thinks he's gonna have himself a free 
turkey dinner, I reckon!

He belongs out with the other wild critters,
like the owl ramekins, 
and the wild fox ramekins,
and the raccoon,
searching for food the honest way!
That there fox better skedaddle before my
hound dog catches his scent, or there's
liable to be a real kerfuffle!
Thanks for stopping by
I hope your Thanksgiving
plans are coming together nicely
and happy hunting!

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Between Naps on the Porch

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Foxy New Fall Cookie Jar

Look what we spotted at Walmart!
A very sweet little fox cookie jar.
From their "Mossy Oak" collection,
he was much too cute to just 
walk past without buying him! 
What a great price too at only $9.87!

After a little thought, we also grabbed
a couple of fox ramekins,
and a couple of owl ramekins
to add to our Thanksgiving 
woodland tablescape!
They had other items in the collection too.
A cute fox bowl, and
a fox plate for instance.
There were a few Mossy Oak 
owl pieces too.
get one here
Here's the owl cookie jar.
Also a Mossy Oak Leaf collection.
Here's their Leaf plate!

I liked it all but
Sam kept me to only the fox
and owl ramekins
and fox cookie jar.
Once I get the Thanksgiving
tablescape up and running I'll
share pictures!
Thanks for stopping by and
happy hunting!

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