Saturday, December 2, 2017

A Christmas Hutch On A Christmas Hutch

Let's see what's new on
 the hutch buffet this Christmas.
What a really cool sugar cookie Christmas tree 
next to the gingerbread house.  
Somebody has been busy baking this season.
A three tier stand of cookies and cupcakes
looks so tempting, who's going to miss just one?
A basket full of Christmas cookies with 
green icing and sugar sprinkles.
Those gingerbread men sure look yummy
next to a happy snowman teapot. 
Moving up to the top shelf, we find a 
green Christmas pitcher next to a cute 
reindeer and sleigh toothpick holder and a 
green bas relief Santa plate. 
A cheerful Santa head mug 
rounds out the Christmas collection.
As I back up to get a better shot of 
the whole hutch, I'm blocked by a 
pair of antlers!
Why, there's a set of  Radko reindeer salt 
and pepper shakers in front of the cupboard. 
It seems the hutch buffet itself is part of a 
hutch buffet Christmas collection!
The Ozark Christmas Hutch Buffet 
collection to be exact.
Just another new bauble
I thought would look at home on the hutch.
It's actually an ornament from
Hallmark's 2012 Keepsake Ornament Club 
titled "Mrs. Claus's Cupboard"
It was a collaboration by all 
of Hallmark's ornament artists. 
Each added a different piece to the 
cupboard to create the ornament.
I just love the details, like Santa's pipe
hiding up on top of the hutch.
It has Santa's face carved on the bowl!
The little surprises don't stop there.
Just open up the cabinet doors...
to reveal another charming scene. 
All of Mrs. Claus's baking tools.
There's rolling pin, a mixing bowl, 
cookie cutters, a tree shaped baking tin, 
and an oven pad hanging on the door.
On the other side we find her cat 
soundly sleeping in it's basket bed.
I was dumb in 2012 and didn't sign up for the
club to buy the ornament for $34.99.  
Nooo, I waited till a few years later when 
I realized I just had to have it and 
trolled Ebay for one at double the price.
Yay...lucky me.
Mine is a 2012 repaint of the original 2011 
convention exclusive version in white.
I prefer the brown one more, it looks 
very slimier to my actual hutch buffet.
 Don't you think?
Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Silver Tip Artificial Tree Update

Pottery Barn is now selling artificial Silver Tip 
Christmas trees!!!
Remember back in 2012 when their Christmas book 
was filled with real Silver Tip Christmas Trees?
I had a post about HERE
Here are a few pics of those trees.

Don't you just love the way they 
really highlight all the dangling ornaments
between the layers of branches?
Now you can own a 6' tall 
pre-lit faux silver tip of your very own
right now from Pottery Barn for $599.00.
Wow, a bit pricey but still a cool idea.
Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Halloween Night

Halloween night was a huge success!
Especially with our new addition, 
the werewolf from Homedepot.
We called him Beauregard. 
He howled and growled, his eyes glowed green
and his head swung from side to side as
his jaw opened and closed. He was a real
crowd pleaser and posed for many pictures.
Our witch Hazel is voice activated 
just not very sensitive. 
she only startled the louder trick or treaters. 
Her head and arms move from side to side 
and her mouth opens as she speaks,
inviting kids to have some of her homemade candy,
and her eyes glow red.
Our host Dracula is static with no special effects but has 
been captured in many photos and is quite popular.  
He's been around the longest 
found at Sam's Club on clearance eight or nine years ago.
I've overheard kids call our house "The Dracula House"
I repainted his face because I hated the thick black
airbrushed lines he had from the manufacturer. 
The crowds started off slow and lite 
between 6:00 & 6:30

However after that, they started to come in waves .
Our Dutch door amazed the kids 
and many parents too!
Something they've never seen before.

Our candy reserves started to dwindle around 8:15 
I had to make an emergency run to our local
 Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market for more 
fun size chocolate bars 
as Sam continued handing out candy. 

By about 8:36 we had 570 trick or treaters
I took over for a while.
This year Vegas had imposed a curfew that 9:00 
was the cutoff for trick or treating.
And by 9:05 we handed out candy 
to our 615th and last treater.
It truly was a wild, woolly and fun night!
Thanks for stopping by and
Happy Haunting!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Halloween at HomeGoods 2017

It's THAT time of year again!
Here are a few pics of the wonderful things of 
Halloween at HomeGoods 2017!

A good selection so far!
There's more arriving everyday!

 Sam and I snatched up this pineapple-o-lantern 
for our tropical bedroom decor!

 Pretty snazzy 4 taper candle holder with
clear glass etched with skull spiderweb design.

What a beautiful pumpkin patch wreath!
That's it so far!
Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting!

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