Monday, April 22, 2013

Yes! I Have No Bananas...In my EAPG Banana Stand!

Years ago Sam and I were browsing
the local antiques mall and I happened upon
a strange looking glass stand.
Labeled a "Banana Stand" it looked like
a cake stand with turned up sides in a U shape,
with a cool pattern pressed into the glass.
Suddenly, I wanted to own a banana stand.
Its price of $80 made me think I didn't need it that badly.
Soon after that trip however, thanks to good ol' Ebay,
I procured one at a great $20 price. 
You can find many listed on Ebay for great prices
at any given time HERE.

This is my E.A.P.G. Bryce, Higbee & Co.
Banana Stand,
 with a "Medallion Sunburst" pattern circa 1905.
I don't know if mine is as old as that
but the pattern on the glass is that old.
Estimates say that there were over
3000 different patterns made by hundreds
of glass companies of the era.
What is E.A.P.G.?
That stands for Early American Pattern Glass.
Also known as "pressed glass" and even
"Victorian glass".  It covers a wide
range of patterned glass tableware and
novelty glass items manufactured during the
Victorian era around 1850 to 1910.
It was rare for an average family of the time
to have a complete set of the same pattern.
As they would often give and receive pieces
of other sets for special
occasions and weddings.
It was believed that bananas (known to ripen
quickly and get brown spots) when placed with other
fruit, would cause that fruit to ripen fast too.
image source
Companies came up with the banana stand
to keep the bananas elevated away
from the rest of the fruit.
Here's a banana stand featured on
the cover of a "Chiquita Banana Cookbook"

image source
available here
What a creative way to display the bananas
I never buy that many at any given time.
But I sure do love my banana stand!
Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cabinets with a Secret

I just love the look of apothecary cabinets.
 Used in the early days by pharmacists and physicians.
The separate little drawers stored
various types of medications that 
could be mixed together to cure illness.

For some time now, I've had my eyes peeled
for an apothecary cabinet where the drawers aren't
drawers, but cabinets that look like drawers.
For example,
here is a cabinet from Pier 1 Imports,
the "Minhou Cabinet"
Looks like 12 handy little drawers doesn't it?

But the cool surprise is...

Eight of those drawers are phony, and
are hiding a roomy storage cabinet!
How cool is that?
I have the "Minhou" on my India inspired
idea board.
It will make a great entryway cabinet. 
Just drop your keys in the top drawer
on your way in...
If you can find the real drawer.

Another cabinet I found is from Sam's Club,
The "Lauren Accent Cabinet"...
This looks like the perfect apothecary cabinet,
It even has old fashioned drawer pulls.
But a closer look will reveal...
Only two drawers and two cabinets hiding
behind 16 small faux drawers!

This one was going in my family room.
Unfortunately, by the time we decided it
was the one, Sam's Club no longer carried it.

I found this one online....
see it here
The Powell Media Console
You see 16 handy drawers,
 but in reality...
NO drawers at all!!!!!
It hides two flip down faux drawer fronts
and two false drawer cabinet doors!

Here's a reclaimed wood
map drawer cabinet with 14
narrow drawers for storing maps...
get one here
Not so fast,
We actually find two deep drawers on top,
while the bottom sections function as
cupboards with false drawer fronts
and handy interior shelves.

  Pottery Barn has one of there own as well,
the "Andover Cabinet"
one with a weathered red finish,
and one with a weathered walnut finish.
And behind the 20 small drawers,
there are only four small top drawers
and two roomy cabinets!
A pretty nifty cabinet but, the high
price puts this one off my list at $699.

Pottery Barn also offers a side table
apothecary cabinet with a secret,
The "Keaton Side Table"
16 drawers hide,
one drawer and one two door cabinet.
I like it, but it's much too small for my needs,
plus the $499 price tag is a no go.

Do you like furniture with secrets?
I really like furniture that's hiding a
clever surprise.
Like a bookcase with a secret passageway,
 that we all dreamed about having as kids...
Come on, you know you did.

or a Murphy bed,
 Well, not quiet the same thing,
 but hey, I can pretend can't I?

Thanks for stopping by,
and happy hunting!

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