Monday, March 5, 2012

Turning An Old Bathroom New With An Old Look

My wife and I have been busy of late working on a
"Mod Mix Makeover" of our old 1998 builder's basic 
guest bathroom.

Here we see my prep work on a shelf project.
My wife Samantha, had already painted the
bathroom walls a light pink by the time I took this pic.
I didn't think to take any before pics,
believe me it was your basic white on white bathroom.
This was the condition of the facet.
Now that the kids are gone it's time to freshen up! 

We began a hunt for the perfect shower curtain
that would serve as inspiration for the rest of the room.
That alone took weeks and one return, after our hunt for matching accessories turned up squat.
One day I was in Target and noticed their
impressive collection of shower curtains
and brought Sam back to see.
 She immediately chose this bright retro floral design
 get one here
that began to stir our imaginations.
We decided to try a 50's Deco look.
She chose Behr light chiffon 120A-1 paint
to match the pink flowers.

Next we had great success at HomeGoods finding accessories.
This teal crackle glass and polished silver set.
A touch of Art Deco and the gray crackle lines
mimic the branches in the shower curtain.
We bought them right then because at HomeGoods,
if you wait a day and think it over, it won't be there
when you go back.
We splurged a little with shabby chic sparkly curtain rings,
also at Target.

We were just as lucky finding these bird prints
at HomeGoods,
the colors are a pretty good match to the curtain.
A new facet with a Deco feel.

Sam found this green mercury glass vase at Joann Etc.
and I found the floral stem at Michael's
We found this Allen+Roth light fixture at Lowes,
the cut crystal shades go nicely with the curtain rings.

Can't seem to capture a good shot of it

Next I installed a polished nickle towel bar
from the Andrews collection by Allen+Roth at Lowes

The detailing is impressive.

We then purchased four glass Andrews shelves
from Allen+Roth to go over the toilet.

They make the layout easy with an exact spacing stencil
laid out on the back of the boxes.
Just remember....measure twice, drill once. 
I measured about four times.

Once the shelves went up, Sam had fun
arranging her knick-knacks

I surprised her with a flower frog

from the Victorian Trading Company here.

And some botanical rose scented bath salt
from the Midwest Bath Salt Company on Amazon.

I then installed an Andrews towel ring.

I found this little polished silver deco clock
at Target.

Here's Cher my papillon chihuahua mix
posing next to the new HomeGoods 
combo magazine rack and TP holder. 

This nifty little toilet tissue keeper
that Sam also found at HomeGoods is
something that any well appointed bathroom
can't be without.

So there you have it.
A "Mod Mix Makeover" for our
builder's basic bathroom.

I'm joining Nita's "Mod Mix Monday"
this week at Mod Vintage Life 

Between Naps on the Pourch
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