Friday, December 11, 2015

Three New Cookie Jars For Christmas

After a few quick clicks at their 
After Christmas Sale last year,
I was able to snag this charming little 
"Exclusively Ours" Gingerbread House 
cookie jar from Neiman Marcus.
It regularly sold for $43.00 
but with a discount of $17.20, 
I got it for $25.80
for Neiman Marcus, that's a bargain!
See that little heart below the front door?
It has an "NM" painted on it, that stands for 
"Needless Markup" o.O!
All kidding aside, it is a very nicely detailed
and well painted gingerbread house cookie jar.

Next I found this little beauty at Kohl's 
regularly $49.99 on sale for $17.50 
and a 20% off coupon!!!
They call it the Lodge Car Cookie Jar
from their Sonoma Life + Style Lodge line.
Which also features a salt and pepper shaker set.
a dip bowl with spreader, and an oval platter.
All featuring a big red "Lodge" car 
with a Christmas tree on top! 
Plus it's part of a larger "Lodge" line
with dishes and bowls, and Placemats.
See the red car on the placemat?
Overall, a neat cookie jar 
that sort of compliments
my red truck, with a Christmas tree 
in back, candy jar!
And finally,
while strolling through Harry & David
right after Thanksgiving,
I just couldn't pass up this innocent little face,
with pink cheeks and that bent carrot nose!
In the store you can buy just the cookie jar
for $25.00 so he went home with me!
On-line he comes with cookies for $39.99.
He's big too at 12'' high!
I love his little stick arms and 
the colors in his scarf and hat.

After a shopping spree like that, Sam
has declared cookie jar season over.
Thanks for stopping by and
may your holidays be happy!


Kate said...

I ordered the Williams Sonoma after Christmas and it finally came today (after getting delayed shipping!)....unfortunately it was smashed and they are totally sold out now so I'm just S.O.L! SO jealous!

Adam Hazlett said...

Hi Kate, I did notice that the Sonoma Life Lodge Car cookie jar came very loosely packed with two pieces of Styrofoam and tape. I guess I was lucky mine didn't break in good drop and it might have. I am sorry for your loss...fortunately there's always Ebay!!

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