Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Where have Halloween M&M's gone?

In seasons past I used to run out and buy
bags of colorful Halloween M&M's called

the "Cool Ghouls Mix".
The colors would POP with Halloween goodness
and enhance my Halloween candy bowls...
 Black, Orange, Slime Green, and Creature Purple,
is there anything better than these colors for Halloween?
Apparently Mars & Murrie thought so...
Today, and for the past two years, M&M's only features
"Fall" colors for the Halloween season called
"Harvest Blend"
Great for Thanksgiving I'll admit,
unfortunately very bland and a little off for
The muted fall colors bring down all my bright
and vivid candy servers.  I have avoided
buying the harvest M&M's during Halloween
the past two years, hoping they would
bring back the Halloween colors.
I suppose my one man boycott
didn't put much of a dent in their profits,
and I suppose many really like the
leaf like color scheme.

And now M&M's offers up
"White Chocolate Candy Corn'',
which is kind of like Halloween....but not really,
at least it's bright.

Remember when they created
their pumpkin blend around 2001?
They were just black and orange with little faces,
but in my opinion, perfect for Halloween.
From there it only got better when they
improved upon it with "Cool Ghouls Blend"
adding purple and lime green
to the black and orange.

I know it's a petty complaint
in the grand scheme of things,
but WHY did M&M's mess with perfection?

2013 UPDATE:
M&M's has just released a Target exclusive,
Pumpkin Spice as a fun new flavor 
that's getting mixed reviews for flavor. 
Described as chocolate with a faint cinnamon 
red hearts aftertaste.

Nice idea, but still sadly lacking a bright
Halloween color pallet...
Why the brown? 
Orange and black would have
added a Halloween pop.
Also,why can't Target request an
exclusive "Cool Ghouls Blend"?
Instead, another year of
Harvest Bland Blend.

UPDATE 2013 Continued!!!
I've just discovered a delicious website!
I don't know how, but Amy's has discover 
a supply of Halloween M&M's both
the black and orange with faces, and the 
"Cool Ghouls Blend", and she's offering them
up on her gourmet candy apples!
Check these babies out!
Oh, yeah....they have the fall blend too, yay...
Where did Amy's get the Halloween M&M's?
I don't know, but I want in on the secret.
Doesn't this look so frightfully good?
All covered in black and orange 
Halloween goodness.
They call this one their 
"Spooky Halloween M&M Caramel Apple"
I love the colors! They add a pop to any party.

Okay...rant over.

Hope you all are have a
Great Halloween Season!


Anonymous said...

Lol your not alone on the feeling for the holloween m&ms

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, I loved to colorful Halloween M&M's. I really do hope they come back.

MamaWolf said...

I'm so with you! I always bought the Halloween bags. I won't buy "Harvest Blend."

Anonymous said...

if you love them so much then why not make youre own homeade m&m's
just say'n

TiKiMOOSE said...

@ Anonymous- Please elaborate? How would I get the little m's on the candies?

Anonymous said...

I'm 100% WITH YOU!!! I REFUSE to buy "Harvest" blend ... It's HALLOWEEN, M&M's are CANDY--HELLO??? Well, maybe this coming year, we'll get lucky and the Halloween M&Ms will return.

TiKiMOOSE said...

We can all only hope.

Kelley said...

I absolutely detest the Harvest Blend M&Ms and have been boycotting them, too! By getting away from traditional Halloween colors, seems to me that M&M/Mars is placating the anti-Halloween, pro "Fall-O-Ween" (gag) trend some have been trying to push in recent years.

TiKiMOOSE said...

@ Kelly, I'm with you, I don't dig the whole Fall-O-Ween movement and hope our boycott will persuade them to reconsider.

Kelly said...

I'll be boycotting right along with you!

Anonymous said...

I needed the vibrant colors for a Halloween decoration that I am making. So sad. Won't buy the harvest kind.

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