Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Foxy New Fall Cookie Jar

Look what we spotted at Walmart!
A very sweet little fox cookie jar.
From their "Mossy Oak" collection,
he was much too cute to just 
walk past without buying him! 
What a great price too at only $9.87!

After a little thought, we also grabbed
a couple of fox ramekins,
and a couple of owl ramekins
to add to our Thanksgiving 
woodland tablescape!
They had other items in the collection too.
A cute fox bowl, and
a fox plate for instance.
There were a few Mossy Oak 
owl pieces too.
get one here
Here's the owl cookie jar.
Also a Mossy Oak Leaf collection.
Here's their Leaf plate!

I liked it all but
Sam kept me to only the fox
and owl ramekins
and fox cookie jar.
Once I get the Thanksgiving
tablescape up and running I'll
share pictures!
Thanks for stopping by and
happy hunting!

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