Sunday, June 10, 2012


Sam and I thought it would be a splendid idea to take
the pups on an evening stroll at the local park.
And what fun to snap some candid shots
of them for the blog with my phone.
Here are the results....
Cher the papillon chihuahua mix 
and Elvis the teacup poodle 
excited about their walk!

"Hey what's that over there?"

"Hurry and snap, I gotta go!"

"I don't have time for a pic, I gotta sniff"

"Hey! Was that a bunny?"

"You took too long."

"I just love grass!"

"I'm headed this way!"
I swear he was in the center of the frame
when I pressed the button.


"Please, I don't want to pose no more."

"I'm going over here now."

"Hey this is our sidewalk!"

"That guy checked out, we let him pass."

Has anyone noticed the number 2 on her back?

"WHAAAAT? ...I'm watching for the next suspect."

"No time, I gotta go!"

"Woo, this is a long walk!"

"No more pictures!"

"I'm going this way, I smelled something!"


"I said NO MORE!"

"Okay, I 'm ready to go home."

"Let's go home."

It was like herding kittens.
But they do enjoy their walks.

1 comment :

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Well, they are both very adorable. But there is no way I could get a photo of mine if we were on a walk. I can get tons of photos of Harvey because he just sits alot. The others I have lots of bad ones in between the good ones. Violet is the worst...she will be sitting so pretty and as soon as I hit the button she sneezes or decides to move. She is not a hyper dog, she just has no interest in getting her picture taken unlike Newman who would look right at the camera.

I have a friend whose dog loves to have her picture taken so much that she turns and smile into the camera each and every time. I should post photos of her because her little smile is turned on in every photo.

So glad you showed off your pups. They are soooo cute!

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