Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Spicy Little Round Accent Table

We bought a new table last night!
An accent table.
A table with a "Spice" finish.

Exotic, isn't it?
Ever since the new floors were installed,
in a post HERE.
Sam and I have been on the lookout 
for new furniture to freshen up 
our living space.
Back in October we were walking 
through RC Willey ,
just seeing what they had that inspired us, 
and I came across this....
A Howard Miller Round Accent Table
With Spice Finish. 
(RC Willey's SKU# 2908425)
It instantly spoke to me.

It would surely blend in perfectly
 to our "India" inspired living room.
Sam liked it too.
(But she was a little concerned that 
I could hear furniture speaking.)

The price was a bit steep, 
but if we saved our pennies, 
it was doable.  
We snapped a few pictures for reference
and went on our way.
We did this at a lot of places,

a rug at Tuesday Morning,
a chair at Cost Plus World Market.
Our penny saving idea 
was morphing into
a penny and nickel saving idea.

I even whipped up an India inspired design board
of things we already owned, and things that
would be nice to have...
india design board
See the table right at the top?
Over the months I kept an eye on the accent table 
on the RC Willey website, checking for 
sales or markdowns. 
Then one day it was GONE! Off the website.
"Page Not Found"!!!
I called RC Willey, they had a display but no stock.
In a panic I started to research the table, 
and discovered it was designed by 
(or for) Ty Pennington from 
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition fame,
image source
for the Howard Miller Total Home collection.
Here is a layout of "Bedroom 12"
There's my table!!!
I guess the line is called "Ty Togethers".
They also have a silver leaf version.
See the silver leaf table as night stands
in "Bedroom 11" below?
I still like the spice table for my room.

This is a video link explaining the furniture.

"Living Room 3" features
my accent table as a side table.
Next is "Living Room 11".
See it in the back center picture?
image source
That little table is very versatile.

It seemed to be disappearing all over the web.
Howard Miller doesn't even list it
on their site
It's production run had come to an end.
Our penny and nickle collection 
hadn't come anywhere near were
it needed to be to buy it.

I was ready to cross it off my design list,
till just the other day, 
some money was deposited into my account?!?

It was FARM MONEY, I'd forgotten all about it.
Money from a farm I inherited from my grandfather.
My dad and cousins each got a farm too.
from google maps
Dad's farm is bigger
Every year we each get a small check from
the government as compensation for tobacco
not grown on our land by a local farmer.

Here's a picture of tobacco growing next
to the Ohio river
image source
The money comes in once a year for 12 years
then stops. It shows up on my birthday!
I think it's close to my last check ever.

When I saw that deposit I called our
RC Willey showroom just to ask
if they might have any tables left.
Our showroom still had the display!!!
They were, at first, reluctant to sell it,
till they researched their files 
and showed no more on order.
That's when Sam and I hightailed it over there
to grab the last one.
Sam is a master at haggling and pointed out
that it's a display model and so on. 
She got the sales manager to 
approve a half off markdown!!!  
Now this little accent table 
resides in our living room.
"How long do I hafta sit here?" 
It's just waiting to be decked out for the holidays!

I have some Pier 1 elephant candle holders and a frame
on it now, and the colors compliment it perfectly.
I am beyond happy with my new accent table.
All thanks to my grandfather, 
I called him PapPap!
Sam, for some GREAT haggling!
Can I get A WHOOP WHOOP!!!

Thanks for stopping in,
Happy Hunting!

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Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Oh...I love that table! I can see exactly why you were so excited to get it. Don't you love it when you get a bargain on something that you've really been wanting? Love all your inspiration for the room. I adore the color of that table...You'll have to link up to my Mod Mix party this week!

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Your table is wonderful! But torture that we can't get one now :( Well congratulations though!
Cheers, Andrea

Stacey said...

I love the shape of that table! What a lucky find. It looks like the color is perfect to go along with your vision.

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