Friday, July 27, 2012

Love These Meeces To Pieces, Halloween Pottery Barn Mice

Last year, 
before the Halloween season even started,
I spotted the cutest little bronze finished
metal mice online at
Unfortunately they were completely sold out
by the time I decided to buy a set,
several weeks before Halloween!
I'm delighted to report they are back for this
year's PB Halloween offering...
Needless to say,
I ordered them as soon as I saw them.
Reg. $19 for the set of two,
they came to $16.15+tax
with a PB coupon 
I just received in an e-mail,
shipping was FREE.
They arrived yesterday from UPS.
I plan to stash them away and wait for Halloween
but, just for now,
I'll let them explore their new home.

Pottery Barn does indicate
they can go just about anywhere.

and mine were doing just that...

till they were spotted by the Kron owl!

Luckily I was there this time...
I just hope they'll make it to Halloween.

Thanks for stopping by
and Happy Hunting!

1 comment :

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Aren't they cute! I noticed that Pottery Barn has the mercury glass pumpkins again that I missed out on the last two years. I am tempted to get them...but I probably won't. I have some very cute black glitter mice I got few years ago. I love em.

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