Monday, January 28, 2013

Reindeers for Next Year

Look what I just ordered!
It's Pottery Barn's
Galloping Reindeer Salt and Pepper Shaker Set.
I saw them at Christmas time in the store
and thought how cool they would look with my
PB Reindeer Cookie Jar.
Pottery Barn's image 
But at $30 a set, I didn't figure I needed them.
Till last night, I was on
looking at "What's new"
and I clicked into their clearance area...
and there they were for $6.99!!!!!
I immediately got out the charge card
asked Sam if I could buy them.
She asked what the total was going to be.
They did charge $4.95 shipping and tax, but
she was happy with the price and said yes! 
I just know they'll look terrific
on next year's Christmas tablescape!

UPDATE: Soon after I ordered my S&P set
I noticed the price online was adjusted up to
$16.99 and stayed at that price till they sold out.
I must have gotten a "mistake" deal At $6.99
How cool is that?
Anyway, while I was in the "What's New" area
They've got a few new things this year and
some returning collectibles.
I was hoping a certain item would return and
I'm delighted to say I'm now the proud owner
of four bunny cupcake stands...
They sold out so fast last year that
Sam and I headed down to the store that night
to see the Easter display. 
However nothing was out...!?!
A clerk asked if he could help
find something for us.
I asked about the Easter stuff,
and he said it won't be out till Wednesday but,
he would be happy to pull something out
for us "early birds".
I said "Four bunny cupcake stands please"
And out they came!
Maybe a little early to be buying Easter
but "better safe then sorry" is my
hard learned motto.
Thanks for stopping by,
and happy hunting!

1 comment :

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Oh...I remember the reindeer salt and pepper and thinking they were so wonderful. What a great buy! And that bunny cupcake holder is adorable! Good rushed down and bought them.

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