Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Darn The Luck

As you may know, I am a big
Halloween enthusiast.
It must be all the hype right now with
The Walking Dead season finale
 coming this Sunday.
Or maybe,
it's The Bible's finale
on History channel. (I don't know which,
there are walking dead people in both...)
Anyway, It's got me all wound up
for stuff like this.
I am on the lookout for a 
cool Halloween ghost light.
A while back while reading the blog,
I was captivated by Susan's vintage ghost light.
I have been on a search for one
just like it ever since.
I did see one on Ebay a year or so ago.
 But, regrettably, someone beat me to it.
It went at a great low price too.
Then a little over a week ago, 
on Ebay, I saw this ...
Ebay image
A Mint in Box 1987 ceramic ghost light from
something called the Calabasas Collection.
 Not exactly the same ghost light I'd been wanting
 but, in my opinion, better...
Ebay image
a little more whimsical, cartoonish,
and kind of retro, simply perfect.
I bid and won...I was the only bidder.
It's much easier to win Halloween
collectibles around Easter time.
The box arrived with a dent on one corner,
and to my dismay, I could hear
ceramic pieces rattling around inside.
 The ghost's expression kind of says it all,
doesn't it?
RATS!  Mint condition since 1987 and
as soon as I get it, it's busted.
I do believe it would have helped if
the seller used a tad more packing material.
He did quickly refund the total amount
after my email.
It was the perfect size too.
I had imagined it going on my entry table
similar to where Susan had hers.
I'll just keep looking, I'm sure there are
more out there like this guy.
I'm even considering this one...
Very common in the 60's and 70's
and now Joan Davis paints them, and sells
them on her Esty shop HERE
His face is very similar to the first ghost I liked.
However I'm really digging
the one I bid on, it's more my style.
Oh well, wish me luck on my hunt.

Happy Easter to you and yours,
and thanks for stopping by!

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