Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Milk Glass Robin on Pedestal Nest Covered Dish

I'm the proud new owner of a
milk glass candy dish!
ebay image
The Westmoreland Milk Glass Robin 
 On Pedestal Nest covered dish.
Very highly detailed with a finishing process
that involved folding over the leaves on the nest
while the glass was still flexible after it was
removed from the mold.
ebay image
Believed to have been first designed 
as early as 1908 in the French 
glass house, Vallerysthal 
as a "Sucriers" or covered sugars. 
Then listed in 1933 in the French
glass house catalog of Portieux.
It was from Portieux that 
Westmoreland Glass
began to reproduce their design 
in the late 1940's or early 1950's.
Here is the Westmoreland Glass Company
from 1889 till it closed in 1984
located in Grapeville, PA 
Westmoreland marked their glass with an
overlapping WG from 1940 to 1980.
My lid has that mark
ebay image
However I cannot find the WG mark on the base.
Here's mine,
ebay image
And here's another one from ebay.
ebay image
You can see the mark faintly there.
ebay image
So mine might be considered a marriage of old 
and new...I don't know. 
I've read where Westmoreland sometimes
didn't mark all the bases.
Does anyone know for sure?
ebay image
Regardless, it sure is 
nice looking candy dish 
with a cute little robin 
all hunkered down in her nest.
Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting!

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Nita Stacy said...

Very pretty. I know it's common with china for smaller pieces to not get marked. Sometimes they are and sometimes they aren't. So it wouldn't surprise me if this one isn't.

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