Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cargo Storage Nets


Part of the fun of having my new Scion xB is 
installing the various accessories available for it.
Shortly after purchase 
I bought the official floor mats 
 and trunk mat.

Then later I had the fog lights installed.

Today in the rear cargo area,
it was time to install the 
C-Pillar Cargo Storage Nets.
I ordered them from a Scion dealer
out of state because of their better pricing.

The Scion xB comes with these little niches
on each side of the rear c-pillars. 

They are useless till you 
purchase the cargo nets.
I wanted to save about $100 in labor to 
have them installed and do it myself.
It requires drilling and that's a little intimidating, 
but after reading a few online how to posts,
I reckoned I could do it.
Locating a 15mm (or 9/16) hole saw 
was the most difficult process, 
I had to special order it online from 
The Home Depot for $6.77 HERE along with 
the shank mandrel for $5.99 HERE.  
Free shipping if it goes to your local store.
The mandrel holds the hole saw onto the drill,
and will saw a 15mm disk out of the car.
The kit comes with the paper templates
needed to show you where to drill.
as well as simple directions.
I started by taping the templates
 into the appropriate corners,
on both sides.
Then I grabbed a punch all,
for punching the starter holes.
After all four holes where punched 
I removed the templates.
Next I had to drill starter holes with a 4mm
(5/32) bit.
I couldn't find a recommended drill stopper, 
so I just depended 
on my ability to not drill too far in.
Be sure to lay a drop cloth down to catch
all the curly shavings.
Now the scary part...
the hole saw!!
A very tense moment....
Hey there's a steel threaded hole in there 
waiting for my cargo nets!
That hole was messy but in the right place.
After I cleaned them up, I was ready to 
insert the net frames
Here are the M6 X 36 bolts
The net frame pegs lineup perfectly
and the bolts screw right in!

And finally the caps, 
they pop right in,
and finish the look.
After I finished one side completely
I repeated the steps on the other side.
Here's where the mishap happened!!!
I let the hole saw go too far in on one hole 
and it nicked the threads on the inner hole.
Then I damaged the the tip of the 
bolt threads trying to force it in.
A very sick feeling came over me.
I thought all was lost till 
I called my Dad and he suggested a tap.
What's a TAP???
I ran to The Home Depot and found this...
It's a Tap and Die kit for fixing threads.
It carves threads back into bolts and holes.
Tap for holes and Die for bolts
This little kit was for metric and had
a 6M size set, just what I needed.
It worked like a charm!
Best $17.97 I ever spent.
Thanks Dad! 
Aren't dads the best?
Once that trauma was over I finished up
this side of the cargo area.
The big question is what to use these
C-Pillar Cargo Nets for?

Then I got an idea...

They were perfect

for carrying some....

Easter Eggs!

Double Ta-Daaa!!

Thanks for stopping in and
hope you're having a 
great Easter season!


Anonymous said...

Great job, Adam. Nice you mentioned Dad.

Nita Stacy said...

That is ridiculous! Are you saying you are the Easter Bunny?

TiKiMOOSE said...

No, I'm not THE Easter Bunny, but I help out where I can. LOL

Anonymous said...

Sweet thanks for the info, Was looking into buying a set but was lost on how to install them. Now I know and will most likely be installing some soon.

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