Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Little Easter on the Cabinet

Using a few old and a few new Easter treasures,
Sam and I created a little Easter vignette 
 on the new cabinet in the family room.
New this year is the book 
"The Country Bunny And The Little Gold Shoes"
My friend Nita wrote a post about it on her blog 
"Mod Vintage Life" a few years back, and
I've searched for it since and was excited to
find the 75th anniversary edition 
at Barnes & Noble.
I thought the cover had perfect colors 
for the vignette and, of course, 
a perfect theme.
One thing old, is the glass candy dish 
Easter bunny with a basket on his back 
filled with chocolate.
From Tuesday Morning many years ago.  
That makes three bunnies I have with 
baskets on their backs...must have been 
how the Easter Bunny was 
depicted during the Victorian era.
This little bobble head bunny is from 
 the 2005 collection "A Good Egg"
by Fitz and Floyd.
Sam found this little two tier server sitting 
at HomeGoods this year.  
She was so in love with the shimmery color 
and the cabbage motif I couldn't say no... 
even though I was set on somehow obtaining
this aluminum bunny & chick server 
from Pottery Barn.
At $100 it was quickly turning into 
a pipe dream.
It's sold out anyway, so...temptation over.
This egg plate is new this year also.
The colors are perfect and match just about 
anything Easter in this house.
We found it at Pier 1.
At Hallmark this year we stumbled onto
 this adorable little blue bunny 
with polka dots.
I found the perfect candy to fill him with...
Reece's Pieces Eggs. 
They have prefect Easter colors and 
everything is this display.
Is everybunny ready for Easter?
It's sneaking up fast!

Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting!

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Nita Stacy said...'s all so pretty! I am so glad you found a copy of that book! A favorite from my childhood. It was a favorite of my Mom's from her childhood too. It has a very important lesson too. We read it all year not just at Easter. Aren't the illustrations so pretty. I usually put mine out at Easter but I'm afraid with working the new job...I'm not going to decorate this year. I'm off Tuesday and Wednesday and hope to paint the dining room on those days.

I'm having a very hard time getting things done here but making good money helps to ease my pain of not getting to play.

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