Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Sweet New Halloween Ornament

I just acquired a new Halloween ornament.
The "Sweet Skull" from Hallmark.
It resembles the candy skulls used
 in the celebration of Dia de los Muertos
or, "Day of the Dead" which is becoming 
more and more popular in the states, as it
blends so well with Halloween! 
Hallmark's website says,
"Like to mix your candy canes and candy corn? 
This skull is adorned with yummy, colorful treats, 
making it as sweet as it is spooky."

The skull seems to sell out quickly 
every time a new shipment comes in.
Yesterday I stopped in to ask if my name
could be put on a waiting list for it. 
Suddenly the clerk spun around 
to a cart full of new stock behind her
and turned back asking "is this it?"
holding up the much sought after box.
Amazed at my luck, with a smile, I shouted 

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