Friday, October 31, 2014

Sweet Halloween

Inspired by my new sugar skull ornament 
from Hallmark,
that now adorns one corner of the Halloween
I have decided to hide some 
sweet treats amid the display.
On the top shelf  I've stashed some
sweet Pixy Stix Candy in the
 1998 Debbie Mumm Pumpkin and 
Frankenstein mug.
And some scary lollipops and chocolate eyeballs
in the Dept 56 Google Eye Owl lollipop holder. 
On the next shelf you'll find individually wrapped 
Twizzlers gushing like bloody veins out
 of Frankenstein's hand vase.
Next on the shelf, the very elusive, 
much sought after, very expensive, see post here,
Halloween M&M's Cool Ghouls Mix in the 
happy Jack O Lantern from Kohl's. 
On the buffet I've stashed some 
Sugar Daddy treats
 in the One Hundred 80 Degrees
Frankenstein bowl with spreader.
Dept 56 Witch Spreader, Dept 56 Devil Cider Server, Dept 56 Skull Chip and Dip
However the gang keeps staring 
at the delicious candy on the dining table
in front of them.
poison apothecary jars,
we have Belladonna cherry sour balls,
Arsenic Gummy Body Parts,
and Hemlock fruity sugar bones.
Notice that these are "MINI" Body Parts...
I don't think I could stomach the larger ones.
They are a decidedly gross.
  However the Cherry Sour Balls have been a hit, 
and I have to keep replenishing my stock
but at just over a dollar from Walmart's
Great Value line,
that's not a problem!
In the family room I have 
a healthier alternative...
ceramic treats that can't be eaten.
It's a treat jar I found at Kohl's one year,
at an after Christmas sale for a very
deep discount!  SCORE!!
I can always use more candy!
I hope everyone has a 
Happy and Sweet Halloween!
Thanks for stopping by.

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