Wednesday, December 17, 2014

You Can Take The Snowman Out of The Desert...

But you can't take the desert out out the snowman.
Don't think that this Christmas hutch just 
sits there with lawlessness running amuck.

No siree, we've got our very own sheriff.
A snowman who happily keeps the peace 
with a level headed "Mayberry" approach 
to law enforcement.  
We call him Doc "Holiday"!
Straight out of the old West with 
his rootin tootin cowboy attire 
and his festive Saguaro Cactus, he makes a great 
little salt and pepper set that I found at Kohl's 
seven or so years ago from their Sonoma 
St. Nicholas Square "Happy Trails Holiday" line.
I thought he was so special that I bought two 
more sets! One for a white elephant gift and 
another for an ornament swap at work.
The recipient was pleasantly surprised
that it wasn't an ornament. 
Just look at his "sweet" little candy cane side arm.

With this little Western snowman on duty 
rest assured it's always a silent night.
Thanks for stopping by 
and happy hunting.

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