Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Cuties in the Tablescape

It's always a treat to find fresh fruit in the 
Christmas tablescape.
Is there a more perfect fruit around 
this time of year than mandarin oranges?

We always grab a bag of Cuties 
when we go grocery shopping. 
They make a great snack
and tasty stocking stuffers.
They certainly brighten up the table 
for a short time before they get devoured.
New to the scape this year are these
Coca-Cola Santa plates won on Ebay, 
and the red handled flatware
found at HomeGoods.

The Santa plates don't really go with 
the white deer theme,
but since it's all Christmas, 
in a round about way they belong.
It does open the door to a new theme
that doesn't have to feature deer on everything!
I do love those deer though, they'll 
probably stick around a little longer!
Thanks for stopping by
and Merry Christmas.

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