Monday, October 10, 2016

Hallmark's Gone Sugar Skull Crazy

Here is this year's 
Hallmark sugar skull ornament.

I think she is very nice.
I bought the sugar skull ornaments 
from the last two years, 

so I definitely need this one, right?
This year Hallmark has introduced an 
entire line of sugar skull items.

Here's their clever sugar skull mug for $12.95
A salt and pepper set based on the previous 
sugar skull ornaments for $12.95

A treat dish for $14.95
Even a sugar skull pillow for $19.95
Or how about this hand painted 
sugar skulls wine glass for $26.95?
And finally a sugar skull figurine for $19.95
I guess if you're suddenly into sugar skulls these are
pretty groovy items.
However, my favorite item this year is their 
cute little "Peanuts" Great Pumpkin treat dish.
With Snoopy wondering,
"When do we eat?"  
Thanks for stopping by
and happy haunting!

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