Monday, May 1, 2017

A New Kitchen Faucet

After 6 years of use, Sam and I decided 
it was time for a new kitchen faucet.
Our hard water here in Vegas,
 beats up our fixtures something fierce.
Even the sprayer stopped working.
Plus I was tired of chipping plates 
every time I accidentally dinged 
one on the low faucet head.
After seeing the popularity of tall faucets 
on all the HGTV renovation shows, 
it was time to search for a good looking
goose neck faucet in the right price range. 
We found this one from Kohler
called the "Bellera"
What a difference!!!
We are totally satisfied
I love how high up it is.
The perfect height for everything.
Sam likes that it can swivel 360º 
to fill pots sitting on the counter 
behind it. 
It also has a setting for a powerful 
sweep sprayer to wash crud off 
of pans and clean the sink.
We also like the elegant detail on 
the body of the faucet.
The handle, not so much.

It is functional, just not elegant 
like the other detail, more modern.
The best feature?
The pull out head with a pause 
button and magnetic docking.
I've wanted one for years and love it.
Great for bathing our small dogs in the sink.
Just an all round great faucet.
Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting.

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