Tuesday, September 10, 2019

A Haunted Cookie Jar Village

Wouldn't it be grand to have a 
haunted village made out of cookie jars?
I never started one, but I've had 
the idea for years.
This is a splendid one from 
Cheryl's.com out this year for $49.99.
Lots of creepy details and an awesome
skeleton on the front.
Not too exciting the rest of the way around.
Love the bat in the moon.
The silver roof is cool too.
Cheryl's has offered a unique
haunted house cookie jar
almost every year. 
Here are a few from past years.
 Some interesting, and some plain
But together they would make 
quite an attractive village.
MrsFields.com used too offer
some very nice ones in the past too.
This one was my absolute favorite.
I adore the black cat on the roof.
and the spooky black ghost in the 
front doorway, all the colors.  
didn't nab it when it was out,
but I wish I had. 
This one was nice too.
I wish Mrs. Fields would consider 
offering more haunted house cookie jars.
 One of their last was this 
haunted train station cookie jar.
Maybe the train station didn't 
sell well so they ended the
line...no pun intended.
Still, it would look nice in a village.
Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting! 

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