Saturday, May 30, 2020

Some Pioneer Woman on the Hutch.

Some time ago I started a secret collection
of Pioneer Woman plates from Walmart. 
Every week I would go to Walmart 
to buy just one dinner plate and one salad plate 
of each design.
With plans to mix and match them
on our hutch-buffet.
When Sam found out, she was 
and instead of buying one set a week,
we went to Walmart and bought whatever was left 
that I needed from the collection.
We also picked out the Flea Market collection
Salt & Pepper Shakers
and butter dish,
The depression jade glass 
Timeless Beauty Cake Stand was a must have.
Later we bought the 
Flea Market Pitcher.
Then the Polka Dot Batter Bowl.
I put Cutie tangerines in it as a storage bowl. 
We were quite satisfied with the collection
until she started releasing more and more
patterns and even more beautiful designs.
Sam says we are done collecting since
we filled up the hutch.
I say, time to start another secret collection.
Maybe for a future tablescape!
Thanks for stopping by
Stay safe and happy hunting.

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