Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Witch in the Bathroom for Halloween

We've all seen those neat little framed art prints 
with the subject matter being that of a bathroom
or bathtub.  Some with a female figure 
in the bathroom or bathtub and
in various stages of undress.
I'll just call it "Bathing Art",
here are a few examples I found from
I think this kind of art is most likely 
intended to hang in one's bathroom or powder room,
not so much in the kitchen or above the couch,
unless you're weird...

One day while searching the Internet I came across 
a neat Halloween themed "Bathing" image 
by mid century illustrator, Ren Wicks 
"Bathing Witch" 1964 Harold’s Club [Reno] Calendar

While I'll admit it's a little cheesecake, 
I also think it's perfect bathroom art
for the Halloween season.
check out the details...
she's got her haunting license 
and is deemed an expert.

She uses witch hazel in the bath.

and she has her familiar looking on.

This print isn't commercially available to buy, but
I found this image at a high resolution on the 
"Sexy Witch" site HERE.
I reduced the size to fit in a 4 X 6 frame and 
printed it out on my deskjet.
Now all I needed was a frame suitable for Halloween.
Here's a "memorial frame" common in Victorian homes, 
I spied this in the Victorian Trading Co. magazine, 
which is a good start.
I just think it's a little too frilly for my image.
After all, she is a witch bathing in a cauldron!
A few days later while at Michael's checking out their 
Halloween offerings, I thought I'd have a peek at their
frames and stumbled upon this one...
It seemed very suitable in an old Salem sort of way.
Old dark stained wood....check. 
black metal hinge-like details.....check.
2 sizes to choose from.....check.

I bought the 4''X6'' size frame.
I didn't size the image to the edge of the frame, 
I gave it a little floating/breathing room.
It's about 3.25''w X 5'' h.

I plan to display it on the shelves
above the toliet
in my wife's bathroom
that we redecorated this year in a post HERE.

I also plan to complement the picture
with these three bottles sitting around.
from Oriental Trading. 
Along with a green mercury glass mini pumpkin,

I found at HomeGoods.

And a Pier 1 ghost soap pump.

The whole thing should look 
frightfully good!

UPDATE! 10-14-12
Here's how it turned out!
Not too shabby, eh?
We found that Halloween hand towel at Kohl's
this year also.

Thanks for popping by,
and Happy Hunting!

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Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Ha! I have that Botero print in my bathroom. I have two of his prints actually. Yes, that one for Halloween is perfect for your Halloween bath. I went by TJ Maxx and they had one mercury glass pumpkin. I couldn't be buying the day I was there but I may go back for it. HOpe it's still there on Friday.

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