Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween in full swing

We've just added the table runner to the hutch -buffet

That's it under the Dept 56 Google Eye Devil Cider Server.
Isn't it fun, wild, and Halloweeny?
Eden, my wife's friend, did a wonderful job on it!
It captures all the colors of the Halloween collectibles.

In the back is the Dept56 Google Eye Witch Spreader.

Her fingers come off her hands to reveal spreading knives.

In front of her is the Fitz and Floyd
"Pumpkin Ghost" candle holders.
They are holding Frankenstein's monster candles.

My mother bought the candles for me back in the early 80's.
They have such a cute expression on their faces, very content....

which is strange,
 seeing how afraid the monster is of fire!

Next we have the
Dept 56 Google Eye Skull chip and dip server.
I found this on Ebay seven years ago.
The Dip goes in the skull!

Like all the google eye line,
his eye balls jiggle and wiggle around when you move him.
Just to the right
is the newest Ozark addition this year,
even though they're a few years old and discontinued.
The Dept 56 Crows candle holder.

The candles look like ears of corn. 
Just the thing for party crows!

Next we find the
Dept. 56 google eye Bride of Frankenstein candy bowl
from the "Dr. Frankenstein's Laboratory" line,
Below the Bride we find the
Frankenstein Hand Vase
full of Twizzlers. 
I found it at an online company about 5 years ago.
The moment I saw it I knew I wanted it as a candy server.
I don't know if it's safe for food,
so I always use individually wrapped Twizzlers for it.
Next to the hand is

the Dept 56 "Dr. Frankenstein's Laboratory" Donor Skull
google eye salt and pepper shaker. 
The skull is the salt shaker
and sits under the tiny cloche jar,
the base is the pepper shaker. 
I purchased it on sale, at the now gone Dept 56 store,
at the Aladdin Hotel Casino shops,
which is now Planet Hollywood Hotel Casino.
The Fat Bat is a cookie jar

I found him at an after Halloween 75% off sale at
Cost Plus World Market a few years ago!
What a lucky find he was.
He has become my wife's favorite.

Next  we have the
dancing Frankenstein's salt and pepper shakers
an Ebay find of three years ago.
And a Kohl's Jack o Lantern candy dish.
Reach in for a treat....if you dare!
The little Halloween plates in the back are
this year's find from Kohl's as well.
Do you see the little candy corn elf?
He's from Annalee,
I found him hiding at HomeGoods
Remember, It's never a holiday without a little Annalee!

 One last Thing

I added the Zombie Head cookie jar to the
Halloween hodgepodge.
He sits on top of the fridge next to a pumpkin tissue box cover
I found at Target five years ago. 
It was their last one, I was lucky to find it too. 


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Wow! You have so much great Halloween stuff! I love the google eye collection from Dept 56 too. I have all the mugs they produced and Michaels did a line of bowls the next year and I bought a bunch of those too. Loved the cookie jar from Target. Target didn't have anything good this year. Used to...I couldn't wait to get to Target and see what Halloween things they had but recently, each year has been less and less. This year I didn't fine anything. So disappointing. Aren't you glad you bought the good stuff when you did? Because now it's not available.

TiKiMOOSE said...

I just love the google eye line! I wish Dept 56 was still making stuff like that! It's a shame they shut down that division of their company. Glitterville is now one of the very few companies that really tries to offer good Halloween collectibles. Target also seems to have givin up offering anything creative for Halloween. HomeGoods was one place to go that had some cool stuff but not like Dept 56.

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