Thursday, October 27, 2011

Smiling Halloween Cats

I love Halloween black cats!
I used to have a very wonderful black cat.

It's because of her that I have a small collection of Halloween
black cat collectibles.

I have a fondness for the smiling ones.

The one in the middle is from Dept 56.
"Cat on Pumpkin" candle holder,
I got it a few years ago from the
now gone Desert Passage Shops
Dept 56 store, at the now gone
Aladdin casino.
It's still available today
but it's now from Glitterville.
Glitterville Halloween, Cat on Pumpkin candle holder
All that candy stacked up on its back
is a sculptural wax taper candle.

It's from Dept56 too,
but it's no longer available.
So I'll never burn it.
The other happy cat
is a little wooden treat box,
I found at Michael's some years back.
Reach your hand in under the cloth
to find a treat....if you dare.
is another Michael's find

This smiling cat 
is a little bas-relief sign
wishing everyone a Happy Halloween! 
He is several years old too
but surprisingly,
 I saw one just like it at Michael's this year!

Some of my cats aren't smiling
but I think they're happy!
This one is a Radko cookie jar
from his Shiny Bright Halloween line.

The Cat-o-Lantern.
Based off of the old blow mold plastic light
Here's an Ebay image of one.
They go for quite a lot now,
this one is listed for $45.
I think I like my cookie jar better.

Another find at that gone Dept56 store,
The Dept 56 Cat in the Pumpkin salt & pepper shaker.
The pumpkin with google eyes is the salt shaker
and the cat's head lifts off as the pepper shaker.
This little HomeGoods Annalee black cat,
bewitched its way into my collection last year!
Because it's not a holiday
without a little Annalee!
I have a black cat pillow.

This one reminds me most of my
beloved cat, it looks just like her.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful
Halloween season.

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