Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving Harvest Wreath

My wife and I love creating wreaths.
But for Thanksgiving
we had a simple store bought wreath from Walmart.
It had a scarecrow, plastic pumpkins, some flowers,
and a "Harvest Welcome" sign hot glued to it. 
I was never happy with it and was glad
when the hot glue started to give out.

So we headed to Michael's with a plan 
to design a new fall wreath.

We piked out a leaf garland,
a bouquet of sunflowers, a mixed
fall bouquet, some cattails
(I've always loved cattails since watching Disney's
"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"
the segment where Ichabod Crane
thinks he hears hoof beats coming for him 
till he discovers it was just cattails pounding on a hollow log)
We also found some small dried maize corn,
some fall ribbons, and a little turkey.

Here's the result of our plan.
You can see we did reuse the"Harvest Welcome" sign.
I must say, it looks way better on a much nicer wreath.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful harvest!

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