Sunday, November 13, 2011

Time for Turkeys

Isn't Thanksgiving wonderful?
I know there are many elements to Thanksgiving
but for some reason I seem to be stuck
on collecting turkeys.

There's a turkey stained glass light
purchased on Ebay in the summertime.
I tried to bid on a few during November that year
but it always ended in a bidding war,
and prices went over $100....
The following summer I thought
I would just, on a whim, 
check Ebay for the turkey lamp
and to my surprise one was just sitting there!
I was the only bidder and got it for $25.
I guess timing is everything.
see more pics of the
stained glass turkey light HERE

The Hutch/Buffet is full of turkeys.

I've collected a lot of Fitz and Floyd
from many different lines.
That's the covered vegetable dish
from Autumn Bounty,

I found mine at Tuesday Morning.
Next to it is a pumpkin cookie jar
that got picked up at Mervin's

along with the pumpkin tea pot.
The creamer gourd
and sugar gourd

are Autumn Splendor from F&F.
The corn cob vase is from Pier 1
and the turkey platter
was a giveaway from the
South Point Casino

The turkey cranberry server is a
Country Gourmet F&F piece.
Next to him is the little turkey candle
holder by Bordallo Pinheiro

I love that line but only have the one piece...
found him at Ross.

We also have Turkey plates
from the Johnson Bros. His Majesty line.
The golden plates are from Kohl's this year,
they have colorful pumpkins, vines, and acorns
in bas-relief on the rim.

The gourds in the front
are covered soup bowls from Williams-Sonoma
I hunted them down on Ebay after seeing them
on The Tablescaper blog.
The little turkey snack plate is from Pier 1 last year

but I did see them there this year.

on the top shelf is a
Harvest Turkey cranberry server.


He is from Warren Kimble

I found these Radko turkey
salt and pepper shakers
on Ebay years ago.
It's sad that Radko just doesn't
make things like this anymore.
Moving on to the dry goods pantry
I've displayed

a Woodland turkey centerpiece by Spode.
His lid is much too big and cumbersome
to be a cookie jar, or even a serving dish.
I guess that's why he's called a "centerpiece".

Finally next to the turkey lamp,
I set out a little Dept 56 
snow village House called
the Scarecrow Harvest Festival

Here's a better picture off the web

I like their fall village houses
which have leaves in place of snow.
Look closely at that weather vein...

there's even a turkey on it.

I must try to expand my collection
to feature a little more then turkeys.

My wife would like to see some
Pilgrims standing around

I'll keep my eye open for some.


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I love Thanksgiving decor and Thanksgiving itself. Growing up it's when all of us got together. We'd have as many as 50 people for Thanksgiving sometimes. Christmas was always smaller. So I have wonderful memories of it. I hate it that Thanksgiving has become a holiday everyone thinks they must hurry through to get to Xmas. I love all your Thanksgiving decorations. I love a house all decorated for this great holiday. Personally, I'm crazy for pilgrim anything.

If I had it my way...Christmas decorating would not be allowed till Dec 1. I think that is plenty soon enough although I do have to say I do enjoy outside Xmas lights coming on anytime after Thanksgiving. don't want to see them.

Anonymous said...


I am thinking that the stained glass turkey you acquired on ebay was sold by me.. Im in Connecticut and bought it at Cracker Barrel and think it sold for $75? Not sure or a little less.. I Love the pictures of it and so glad you are enjoying it.. At the same Time I bought the turkey I also bought the double stained glass orange pumpkin lights omg it is so beautiful and have it on my bow windowsill.. If you ever want to see that turkey back to me please feel free to contact me at Happy Thanksgiving 2013 to you and yours

I {heart} Rhody said...

I found your blog while looking for that very same stained glass turkey! I also collect turkeys. It's one of my favorite traditions at Thanksgiving, to put them out on display. There aren't any stained glass turkeys on ebay today, but I'll keep looking.

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