Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gingerbread House Cookie Jar

Searching the web like I always do,
I Googled images of "Gingerbread House cookie jars"
and this caught my eye!

It's a Certified International Gingerbread House Cookie jar
from the Gingerbread Man line

Designed by Susan Winget
you can see more of the line here

Certified has other holiday 2011 lines too

Aren't they wonderful?

I found two stores that carry the gingerbread house
Target has it only online here
They want $44.99 + shipping.

Dillard's has it pictured
with the backside facing forward for some reason,
They want $40.00 and it's in their store.
They had it on sale last week 
but, when I dragged my wife to see it...
the sale had ended!?!
A week before Christmas and no longer on sale? 

I guess I'll be scrambling the day after to catch the
half off clearance.

Wish me luck fighting the masses.
Then again, there's always Ebay!

Hope You're Having A Warm & Wonderful
Christmas Eve.

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