Saturday, August 4, 2012

Halloween Wish Listing

I know Halloween is 3 months away,
I still find myself dreaming up
a Halloween wish list for the coming season.
It's no help that some stores are
already starting to fill their shelves and websites
with all manner of Halloween
gewgaws & gimcracks.
Here's a Spooky Halloween Bird House (!?)
from Terry's Village for $8.99.

get one here
and some Halloween jars from
Oriental Trading Company for $10.
get one here
The Glitterville candy cupcake pedestal stand
for $69.99
The candy on the stand
matches my candy candle below
Glitterville cat on pumpkin candle holder

get one here
we have a Hanging Bat Votive Holder
from Pottery Barn for $34.50.
Then I found The creepy "Five Finger Fillet"
Black Kitchen knife holder
designed by Raffaele Iannello for $69.99.
While not officially a Halloween item, I think
it's gruesome enough to fit in quite nicely.

Here's a Williams-Sonoma black cauldron
"serving bowl" and a set of 4 cauldron mugs
for $69.99 and $39.95 respectively.

Z Gallery has a few creepy things already,
these mercury glass pumpkins, $19.95 - $39.95

get one here
this skull clock caught my eye at $34.95.

At Cost Plus World Market,
I found this nifty spellbook treat jar!

totally awesome for $12.99

The dreaming always seems to lead to
me searching old computer files
and favorites lists
for old wish list items that I missed
the first time they were out.
Which then leads to crazy Ebay hunts
for said items...

Pfaltzgraff Halloween salad plates series one

Pfaltzgraff Halloween salad plates series two

Pacific Rim Frog Candy Jar

The Dept 56 Google Eye "Fearnology" Treat Jar

with motion detector laugh. Circa 2006

The Ganz "Oh Rats!"
salt and pepper shakers

Polished aluminum black witch hat serving
platter from Grandin Road in 2010 and 2011

The Bethany Lowe / Bruce Elsass

Halloween Skeleton Candy Container
Bruce Elsass always has really cool creations!

A Meyda Tiffany stained glass Jack O'Lantern
Accent Lamp from 2009.

This thing has gotten incredibly pricey
through the years.


The Glitterville Stacking
Halloween Silhouette Cake Plates,
 retired in 2007 as a Dept 56 item, 
then reissued in 2010 as a
Glitterville product.
The cupcakes and picture
are from

Now let me make it clear that I never
really plan to buy any of this stuff,
I just like to dream about it.
It's the thrill of the hunt that I love,
and if I just happen to find one of these
doohickeys at a reasonable price
well then, I just might add it to the
Ozark collection.

Happy Haunting, I mean, Hunting!

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