Sunday, September 16, 2012

Clearing the Clutter or Getting a New Floor...Part 1

It appears to have become a trend here in the blogs
with many wanting to clear their clutter and simplify
their lives.  Those bloggers have stopped collecting
and are getting rid of the stuff they are tired of looking at
in a effort to more having stuff. 
Sort of a non materialistic approach to blogging.
I've decided to jump on the band wagon full steam
and go cold turkey with this movement.
Here is my hutch/buffet empty as the day I bought it.
Now I can breathe...
But why stop there?
I don't need a cluttered old floor either....out you go!
Goodbye carpet too!
those baseboards felt like clutter to me
so I ripped them out.
Hopefully by now you're on to me.
I'm not clearing any clutter from my life,
I love my stuff
and I love decorating with it.
But what I am doing is saving some money.
We are getting a new tile floor installed
and by clearing out the old floor ahead of
time it will save on labor costs...every little bit helps.
Samantha and I have really loved the look of a tile
floor that looks like a wood floor. 
Tile planks that look like planks of wood,
they just don't wear like wood.
We chose the Aspen Gray 8'' X 40'' tile
from Bedrosians,
they call it "Gris" from the Barrique line.
Click on their logo below to find out about them.
We have also chosen Laticrete Spectralock grout
#78 Sterling Silver. 
The best part about this grout,
You don't ever have to seal it,
not every three years,
not ever! 
And it won't stain or discolor,
How cool is that?
The only drawback, it's a bear to install
and installers charge more when you want that grout.
But since most of my house is now going to be tile
(the bedrooms are getting carpet)
I think it's worth it to have this kind of grout.
I have lots more demo to do,
we are replacing the baseboards too.
I'm ripping out the 2½'' high builders basic
stuff and putting in 5½'' high traditional stuff.
 Should look pretty nice when it's in.
Well, like I said, I have plenty more demolition
ahead of me so I gotta go.
I'll post more when we start install!
Thanks for popping in and keep collecting!
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Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

You've got your hands full but it will be beautiful when done. Look at that cutie on the sofa! Adorable.

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