Friday, October 5, 2012

Getting a New Floor....Part 3

Day Three
If you've missed part one and two,
check them out HERE and HERE.
Mark and James arrive early
Monday morning to keep laying the
Faux wood porcelain 
Bedrosians Barrique Aspen Gray "gris" tile.
Mark puts tile against the kitchen
and family room wall,

and into the pantry.

They then move all the
furniture in the living room
onto the dry side of the room
and lay more faux wood
gray tile in there.
When he can no longer reach
across the wet area,
he tackles the coat closet
by the front door.
Mark says it was a difficult area because
he had no way to rest the palm of his hand
while he leaned in...a real back breaker.
 From there,
 he moves to finish up the hallway.
Then moves furniture in
the family room to the dry side, 
and lays more faux wood tile in there.
With that he completes day three.

Do you see the dust on the table on the right?
I'm finding that all over the house!!!
Scaping dust is on everything.

Day Four,
Mark finishes up the front room
and attacks the kitchen,
 under the dishwasher...
and under the fridge and oven.
He then does half the guest bathroom.
Mark starts grouting the master bath.
remember we chose
Spectralock #78 sterling silver grout
Spectralock is a fast drying product
so he works very quickly.
Gray grout for gray tile...
a pretty good match.
Bathroom done, BAM!
James has to wet the area with a sponge
so the grout drys evenly
and wipes up any residue.

 On to the hallway, BAM!

 Not long till the front room...
is mostly done,
 Into the kitchen and
 family room. BAM!
On Wednesday, Day Five
Mark is back to finish up
and the carpet installers arrive this morning
for the bedroom carpet, and
whole house baseboards. 
Carpet went in fast...
(We went for a tight Berber weave
gray with flakes of beige and blue.)

followed by the baseboards.
Sam was out back painting them
as the installers were measuring, cutting,
and installing them.
master bath
I must say, they did a wonderful job.
master bedroom closet 
Unfortunately they were going so fast they
didn't take into account the closet doors needed
to close.
By the end of day five Mark was done,
tile was installed, carpet was in,
the baseboard install needed one more half day.
Day Six
The guys arrived early and worked through midday
Closet will now close but Sam and I will need to
touch up the area.
Those corner pieces cost money and
we didn't order enough
to go on the inside of the closets
so the installers pulled them out
to use in other areas. 
Kitchen looks good with the
gray grout and faux wood porcelain 
gray tile and new baseboards.
Hallway looks divine.
Sam even painted the walls a tan-ish gray
to compliment the floors.

A far cry from just a week ago, don't you think?
We still have a lot of cleanup to do.
You wouldn't believe the amount of dust
the scraping of the floors created.
Sam is still busy painting the living room
so I haven't quite moved
the furniture back into place yet.
I'll show more in another post.
Hope you all are having a Great October!
Ours certainly got better!
 Thanks for stopping by!


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Oh...I love it. Looks like grey wood floors all through the house. I bet these are going to be so easy to take care of. I'd love to have in my kitchen. Love the color of the walls too.

Alana Geikie said...

You can see that Mark is putting so much effort into making sure that the tiles are installed nicely. All the tiles are properly laid and grouted very well. I particularly like the long cut of the tiles, which makes the look like wood floors. The color of the tile floor matches the wall pretty well too. Kudos to Mike for his wonderful job!

Marty Williams said...

Looks great! Know this was done a few years ago, but do you remember which size spacers were used? We're reflooring with the same tile.

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